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10+ Popular short haircuts for women

Have you noticed that more and more women are wearing? short haircuts nowadays? If you are tired of long or medium-long hair, why not get a fresh new short hairstyle this season? Short haircuts are always trendy and have the ability to improve facial features. Here I will list 10 most popular short hairstyles for women .

# 10 fauxhawk for women

2018 Faux Hawk Haarschnitt für Frauen
Faux Hawk haircut for women

I know that some of you do not like the fauxhawk, but this cut is really cool, some who love fashion love the Faux Hawk haircut, the men who wear short fauxhawk haircut look great, but ladies too!

# 9 Boy cut for women

Boy Cut für Frauen
Boy cut for women

Another popular short haircut for busy women. If you are looking for a low maintenance haircut, this boy cut is perfect for you.

# 8 Short messy haircut

Kurzer unordentlicher Haarschnitt für Frauen
Celebrity Jenna Elfman Short Messy Haircut

Latest Celebrity Short Hairstyles: Jenna Elfman messy haircut.
Jenna Elfman wore her hair ruffled and with lots of texture, and the side swept pony looked good on her. This cut is ideal for thin and heavy hair.

# 7 short cut with pony

Jennie Garth Kurze Frisur mit Pony
Jennie Garth Short hairstyle with bangs

What a super cute short haircut! This is a perfect short hairstyle for those who are looking for a fun and flirty style for every occasion. Her pony was swept sideways to define her face.

# 6 Short Straight Haircut

Ginnifer Goodwin Kurze gerade Frisur
Ginnifer Goodwin Short Straight Hairstyle

This is a cute short hairstyle with bangs. Ginnifer Goodwin fitted her rocker Phillip Lim skirt with a dark and lithe short sleeve. The pony is cut jagged and blends in beautifully with the side layers and completes the overall style magnificently.

# 5 Short Side Part Haircut

Ashlee Simpson Wentz Kurzfrisur 2018
Ashlee Simpson Wentz short hairstyle

The short side parted hairstyle is popular this year. The side panel is great for Ashlee, as it helps to shorten the look of their longer face shape.

# 4 Short curly hairstyles for women

Morena Baccarin kurze lockige Frisur
Celebrity Morena Baccarin short curly hairstyle

There are many different curly hairstyles for you to choose from on our website, but the big curly hairstyle is hot this year. Morena Baccarin wore her short curls this time in nicey ruffled curls.

# 3 Short pixie haircut

Dannii Minogue Pixie Haarschnitt
Dannii Minogue Pixie haircut

The short hairstyle pixie cut is really hot this year, and you can see many celebrities wearing pixie cut in recent years, like Rihanna, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Natalie Maine, Evan Rachel Wood, Carey Mulligan, etc.

# 2 layered razor cut

Lisa Rinna Layered Razor Haarschnitt
Lisa Rinna Layered Razor Haircut

This is really a nicey layered hairstyle! Lisa Rinna wore her hair in a subtly disheveled style. The short razor cuts are ideal for a busy, working woman who wants to maintain her style quotient.

# 1 Bob Hairstyles

Bob Frisuren 2018
Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

Amanda Holden wears her classic bob with a long, side-swept pony. The Bob Haircut is trendy and classic forever! A bob haircut looks good for women of all ages and even mature women can wear off this hairstyle with verve. The short bob haircut was made popular by celebrities like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba. If you’re getting a new haircut soon, why not try the bob, if you’ve never tried the bob hairstyles before? And there are many styles for you to choose from Layered Bobs, Stacked Bob Styles, Choppy Bobs, Inverted Bobs, Asymmetric Bobs, Blunt Bobs and some Unusual Bobs.

Best Short Haircut for 2018
Jenna Elfman Layered Short Choppy Razor Cut with Pony – Best Short Haircut for 2018 / Getty Images More Details

Thankfully, Jenna Elfman looks more beautiful in the heart than the average pirate with an eye patch, but that might indicate that she just looks great. Her Pixie was painted with several highlights: blond, champagne and platinum, as well as a darker brunette underneath.

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