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15 pixie cuts for thick hair

Looking for the best pixie style ideas for thick hair? Here we have gathered 15 Pixie cuts for thick hair to let you be inspired! und wähle deine nächste Frisur hier! Thick hair makes every hairstyle much voluminous and textured, you can add layers to create a softer look, check out our amazing gallery of short haircuts and choose your next hairstyle here!

1. Boy Pixie for thick hair

This may look boyish, but looks definitely stylish and sweet.

Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar

2. Pixie haircut for thick hair

Underbid Pixie style are an amazing option for women with thick hair.

Pixie Haarschnitte für dickes Haar

3. Pixie for thick hair

und Pony wird viel voluminöser und texturierter aussehen. If you have thick hair, your pixie style and pony will look much more voluminous and textured.

Pixie Cut für dickes Haar

4. Pixie Hair for thick hair

Here’s another Undercut Pixie cut idea for dark hair.

Pixie Haircut für dickes Haar

5. Short pixie cut for thick hair

This short pixie style for thick hair has some windswept layers.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar

6. Nice girl with short hair

If you have really thick hair structure, this short hairstyle would be a good inspiration for you.

Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar-6

7. Layered pixie

This is how you will look with Layered Pixie Style and Side Parted Pony.

Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar-7

8. Green highlights

You can add green highlights to create a unique style.

Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar-8

9. Lisa Bonet

This pixie style is stylish, cute, chic and will make you feel great!

Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar-9

10. Pixie cropped

Pixie Schnitte für Dickes Haar-10

11. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk hairstyle would be nice on you if you have dark thick hair like this model.

Pixie Schnitte für Dickes Haar-11

12. Short black hairstyle

This rejuvenating pixie style with bangs is a great hairstyle option for black ladies with thick hair.

Pixie Schnitte für Dickes Haar-12

13. Pixie cut with pony

Spiky Pixie styles would be a great option for women with masculine style.

Pixie Schnitte für dickes Haar-13

14. Short hair by Anne Hathaway

You can see the side view of Anne Hathaway’s Pixie Cut in this image below:

Pixie Schnitte für Dickes Haar-14

15. Long pixie haircut

If you have thick hair, you will easily reach this voluminous pixie style!

Pixie Schnitte für Dickes Haar-15


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