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15 pretty hairstyles for short natural hair

Looking for the best way to style your natural hair? und lassen Sie sich von diesen Looks inspirieren! Here are 15 pretty hairstyles for short natural hair , check out these gorgeous short hairstyles ideas and get inspired by these looks!

1. Natural hair shorts

Undercut styles are a great option if you naturally have curly hair and can not style your curls easily.

Natürliche Frisuren für kurzes Haar

2. Short natural curly hair

Here is a really stylish and cool short hairstyle idea for black ladies .

Frisuren für kurze Naturhaare

3. Short natural hair Afro

This side shared short curly hairstyle can be a really adorable inspiration for you!

Kurzes natürliches Haar

4. Blond natural hair

Blonde hair color can give your whole look a really nice touch, as you can see below:

Stile für kurzes Naturhaar

5. Super short

Here’s a super short curly haircut with a shaped buzz cut style.

Kurze natürliche lockige Frisuren

6. Nice Afro

Here is an extremely sweet and chic Afro hairstyle for black girls who like to stand out from the crowd!

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-6

7. Curly crochet hair

You can easily style your hair with multi-layered bob hairstyles. The hair color also emphasizes her beautiful curls!

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-7

8. Black girl Short hair

Wet look is always a good idea for curly hair, this way your curls would be much more manageable.

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-8

9. Long tip

Here is a really unique and charming hairstyle idea for girls with thin curly hair!

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-9

10. Afro for girls

Short Afro style is a really stylish option for black girls, just hug your beautiful curls!

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-10

11. Tapered haircut

Tapered haircut is a good idea if you want to style your hair much easier in the morning.

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-11

12. Very short curly hair

Here’s another tapered short haircut, the hair on top will give the stylish look itself.

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-12

13. Short sides long up

Shaved sides and green hair on top are definitely flashy and cool.

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-13

14. Twist Out

To get beautifully shaped curls, you need hair products to accentuate your curls and avoid frizz.

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-14

15. Tapered cut natural hair

Natural hairstyles are in fashion lately, so it’s time to embrace those curls!

Frisuren für kurze natürliche Haare-15


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