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15+ Short haircut images for straight hair

Do you have straight hair? In this post we have rounded up 15+ short haircut images for straight hair , check out our gallery and get inspired by these looks!

1. Short blond straight hair

This natural blonde dull bob hairstyle is a great option for ladies with straight hair.

Kurze Frisuren mit glattem Haar

2. Blonde Pixie

sind wirklich nette Weise, Ihrem Haar und Ihrem Blick etwas Beschaffenheit und einzigartigen Stil zu geben. Pixie cuts are really nice way to give your hair and your look some texture and unique style.

Kurze gerade Frisuren

3. Blonde A Line Bob

You can definitely add some texture and style to it with A-Line Bob Hairstyle and Layering.

Gerade kurze Haarschnitte

4. Pixie cut

Here is a really nice dark pixie cut with side swept pony and shorter sides.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar

5. Reverse Bob

This reversed bob hairstyle with ashen hair looks perfectly smooth.

Kurze Frisuren glattes Haar

6. Shaved pattern in the neck

If you’re into this kind of different hairstyle ideas, here’s a cool example:

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-6

7. Cameron Diaz

Skinny and straight-haired women can go with dull bob hairstyles to make their hair look full.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-7

8. Just layered Bob

If you have thicker hair texture, the light layering on the hair ends will help you style your hair much easier.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-8

9. Straight Bob

Angled Bob Hairstyles look very stylish and modern on straight hairstyles.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-9

10. Elf Bob

This short bob hairstyle is split on the side and looks very modern and young on straight hair.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-10

11. Low lights and Short Bob

Layering and low-lights give this blonde bob hairstyle a cool and chic style.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-11

12. New style

This blonde, short cut hairstyle is really a delightful choice for women with thin and straight hair.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-12

13. Long Bob

Long bob hairstyles are very popular with women with different hair textures and styles.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-13

14. Short Ombre

This Ombre Bob hairstyle with blunt bales is perfect for thick and straight hair.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-14

15. Longer elf

Layered asymmetric pixie cuts are perfect for straight hair, especially if you have thin hair.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-15

16. Emma Willis

Short dark bob hairstyles beautifully accentuate the color of your eyes and facial features.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-16

17. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron hat wirklich schöne Seite, blonde Pixie in diesem Bild geschnitten. Queen of short hairstyles Charlize Theron has really nice side, blonde Pixie cut in this picture.

Kurzhaarschnitt für glattes Haar-17


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