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20 chic celebrity pixie cuts you should see

Looking for the latest pixie cuts inspirational hairstyle ideas get? In this post you will find 20 chic celebrity pixie cuts that you should see ! und wählen Sie die beste als Ihre nächste Frisur. Look at these short haircuts and choose the best as your next hairstyle.

1. Miley Cyrus

Messy blonde pixie style by Miley Cyrus is a nice way to show off her unique style.

Promis mit Pixie Cuts

2. Zendaya

Pixie cuts with pony are also one of the most popular pixies of the time.


3. Shailene Woodley

Stil mit Highlight kann wahre Inspiration für junge Damen sein. Her brunette elf style with highlight can be true inspiration for young ladies.

Promi Pixie Schnitte 2018

4. Katy Perry

Ketty Perry is also one of the celebrities hacking her long curls into Sport Pixie.


5. Kate Mara

Your textured long pixie style with side swept pop would be great for you!

Celeb Pixie Schnitte

6. Sami Gayle

Ashy Brown Pixie cut with wispy pony nicely framing her face.

Promi Pixie Cuts-6

7. Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s blonde pony with a long bangs can be worn by women with medium to dark skin tones.

Promi Pixie Cuts-7

8. Lily Collins

This brunette beauty sports cute and simple elf cut with split side wispy pops.

Promi Pixie Cuts-8

9. Hayley Williams

Red hair color and messy texture give your whole look a unique touch.

Promi Pixie Cuts-9

10. Halsey

If you have tnik and wavy hair, this side parte pixie can be your guide.

Promi Pixie Cuts-10

11. Tavi Gevinson

This pixie cut with wispy pony is another choice for women with thin, flat hair.

Promi Pixie Cuts-11

12. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has a simple side-vertex pixie style.

Promi Pixie Cuts-12

13. Pixie Geldof

Promi Pixie Cuts-13

14. Emma Willis

her dark hair color and side pony frame her face and emphasize her eyes.

Promi Pixie Cuts-14

15. Rita Ora

Here is another platinum pixie style by Rita Ora.

Promi Pixie Cuts-15

16. Rosa Salazar

Here is a nice pixie style for women with dark wavy hair.

Promi Pixie Cuts-16

17. Scarlett Johansson

This long pixie cut with shaved sides looks really unique and artistic, but it totally rocks it!

Promi Pixie Cuts-17

18. Scarlett Johansson

Her hair in pompadour style gives a great statement about her facial features.


19. Nicole Richie

Pink hair color looks really good pixie styles .

Promi Pixie Cuts-19

20. Mia Kowalski

Finally, if you want to make your hair look like Mia Kowalski you should add layers and use texturizing hair products.



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