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20 cute pixie cuts

Hey Girl! Looking for the latest cute pixie cut styles ? Here are some inspirational pixie hairstyle ideas for you to try! ! Check out our 20 sweet pixie cuts gallery and choose your next short haircut !

1. Short hairstyles with bangs

Her light hair color and smooth pony-style pony look cute and chic.

Nette Pixie Schnitte

2. Coco Rocha Cute Elf

Wispy Pony by Coco Rocha adds this class texture to Pixie’s cut.

Süße Pixie Haarschnitte

3. Nice pony pixie style

Dark Pixie cut , red lips, pale skin … just cute and nicey!

Niedlicher Elf Schnitt

4. Nice Pixie hairstyle

Here is a cute short hairstyle for girls with thick hair structure.

Süße Pixie Frisuren

5. Nice Hairstyle for Pixie Cuts

This is super short pixie style flatters her face and looks adorable.

Süße Frisuren für Pixie Cuts

6. Pixie cut with pony

This layered dark short hairstyle is a great option for young ladies.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-6

7. Nice pixie cut

This is an adorable option for women with round faces, shaving pages and hair on top making an oval look your face.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-7

8. Girl with Pixie cut

Choppy layers and red hair color accentuate her eyes nicely.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-8

9. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose’s hairstyles always look edgy and eye-catching and this looks cute too!

Nette Pixie Schnitte-9

10. Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie hairstyle

Here’s a nice pixie style by Ginnifer Goodwin that will look good on you too!

Nette Pixie Schnitte-10

11. Ways to style a pixie cut

Here’s a cute way to style your pixie hair: hairpins!

Nette Pixie Schnitte-11

12. Pixie cut square face

This pixie style is for women with a square face.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-12

13. Pixie cut for a chubby face

If you have a round face shape or a chubby face, this pixie style is perfect for you!

Nette Pixie Schnitte-13

14. Deep Side part

Here is low side shared pixie style with shave side and red hair color.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-14

15. Short hair with glasses

This sweet pixie style really emphasizes her facial features of this girl with glasses.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-15

16. Pixie hair color

Several hair colored pixie cuts are very popular with young girls.

Nette Pixie Cuts-16

17. Pixie cut Tumblr

Here’s another multicolored pixie cut that makes it unique with this dark blue hair color.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-17

18. Messy Hair Pixie

This pixie cut is neat, well groomed and easy to style.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-18

19. Beautiful Pixie Cut

Her beautiful pixie cut with highlights flatters her face and eyes with winged eyeliners.

Nette Pixie Schnitte-19

20. Chic Pixie haircut

This coppery pixie style is a bit messy, but looks very nice and sweet.

Süße Pixie Schnitte-20


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