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20 longer pixie cuts that we love

Pixie cuts are so versatile these days and long pixie cuts and pony pixies are becoming increasingly popular. So here are the pictures of 20 longer pixie cuts that we love !

1. Highlighted long pixie

oder lange Pixies sind stilvoll feminin und cool. Pixie cut with longer bangs or long pixies are stylishly feminine and cool.

Lange Pixie-Schnitte

2. Longer thin Pixie

Not all women want short hairstyles like Pixies, but every woman can do more Pixie sports!

Längere Pixie-Schnitte

3. Thick hair with a long pixie

If you have thick hair, pixies with layering and highlights you would like it very much.

Lange Pixie Haarschnitte

4. Elf Bob

This almost short bob and pixie cut is a really good choice for women with fine hair texture.

Pixie Schnitt lang

5. Shadow Root

Pastel pink hair color and dark roots give this layer pixel a truly modern and chic look.

Länger Pixie Haarschnitte

6. Sweet and easy

Here’s a cute and simple pixie cut, this dark elf with fringe framed her face.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-6

7. Gray hair

Gray hair color is now one of the most popular hair trends and looks great on Pixies.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-7

8. Pixie rear view

Layered back is a key to the perfect long pixie with angled style, green hair color gives this hairstyle a unique atmosphere.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-8

9. Asymmetric Elf

mit seitlich gefegtem Pony verleihen dunklere Wurzeln diesem Pixie ein modernes Aussehen. Here’s an asymmetrical and stylish short haircut with a side swept pony giving darker roots a modern look to this pixie.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-9

10. Thick hair

If you have full and thick hair, this brunette girl Pixie would be a perfect inspiration for you.

Längere Pixie Schnitte-10

11. Trendy and chic

How about thin hair? Thin-haired omen and an opt with pixies looks like short bobs.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-11

12. Rear view

Here is a back view of a multi-layer pixie cut, this hair color is perfect for light skin tones.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-12

13. Lena Gercke

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-13

14. Outgrowth

If you want to grow your pixie, multi-level pixie cuts are a good choice.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-14

15. Straight pixie cut

Women who have straight hair should choose pixie cuts with choppy layers to give their hair a certain texture.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-15

16. Sarah Harding

Here is blonde pixie with long bangs and messy style.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-16

17. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Platinum Blonde Pixies are ideal for women with fair complexion and eye color.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-17

18. Blonde Pixie

Asymmetrical style definitely looks cool and stylish especially with blonde hair.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-18

19. Layered long pixie

Blonde hair color, layers and side swept long pony definitely face framing and chic.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-19

20th Trend 2018

Side-piece long pixie cuts fit perfectly with almost all women, as we mentioned earlier.

Längere Pixie-Schnitte-20


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