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20+ New cute hairstyle ideas for short hair

Short hairstyles are currently the biggest hair trend and they can be cheeky, structured, nicey or cute! für Frauen auf der Suche nach süße kurze Frisuren Dadurch können sie sich frisch und wunderschön fühlen. Today we show you the latest shorthair ideas for women looking for cute short hairstyles that will make them feel fresh and beautiful.

1. New sweet hairstyle for short hair

Simple half updo, which you can easily reach with Bobby Pins, can change your whole look and accentuate your facial features.

Süße kurze Frisuren

2. Cute hairstyles short

Red Hair Color on Pixie Cut is perfect for women with light skin tone like this girl below:

Süße kurze Frisuren

3. Nice short hairstyle

Here’s an ash blonde pixie styl e with pony, this will pop your eye and accentuate your facial features.

Frisuren Kurzes Haar

4. Hairstyles Short hair

Pixie Bob hairstyles are really cute and they are one of the most popular hairstyles for young women.

Frisuren 2018 Niedlich

5. Hairstyles 2018 Cute

If you have thick and dark hair, this is layered Short haircut with pony can be inspiring for you:

Frisuren 2018 Niedlich

6- pastel pink hairstyle

Alles zusammen führte sie zu einem wirklich süßen und schicken Look. Pastel pink hair color, waves and layers of long elf All together they resulted in a really sweet and chic look.

Süße kurze Frisuren - 6

7 – Red Pixie Hair

Here’s a red pixie cut that’s perfect for women with light skin tone and eye color, it will definitely accentuate the color of your eyes.

Süße kurze Frisuren - 7

8 – Sweet pixie style

Red hairband is perfect for vintage-inspired looks like this dark pony with a long pony, her eyes look gorgeous with this dark pony.

Süße kurze Frisuren - 8

9 – dark bob hair

Here’s a dark bob hairstyle that will flatter your facial features, especially if you have thick hair, that’s perfect for you.

Nette kurze Frisuren - 9

10- hair transformation

Last but not least, this hair transformation shows us how a haircut can change the woman’s style, it looks much sweeter with a long pixie cut.

Nette kurze Frisuren - 10

Here are other short haircuts that we love:

11 – Pink long elf

Süße kurze Frisuren - 11

12 – Blonde Bob Hair

Nette kurze Frisuren - 12

13 – Happy gray pixie

Süße kurze Frisuren - 13

14- Pastel-colored short hair

Nette kurze Frisuren - 14

15-pixie with a pony

Süße kurze Frisuren - 15

16- Light hair color

Süße kurze Frisuren - 16

17-pixie style

Süße kurze Frisuren - 17

18- Textured pixie cut

Süße kurze Frisuren - 18

19 – Blonde wavy bob

Süße kurze Frisuren - 19

20 – Baby Pink Balayage with a touch of texture

Süße kurze Frisuren - 20

21 – Mohawk inspired updo

Süße kurze Frisuren - 21

22 – blonde or brunette

Süße kurze Frisuren - 22

23- Long bob style

Süße kurze Frisuren - 23


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