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20 short hairstyles

Have you ever tried to find the perfect one? für sich selbst? Short haircut for yourself? We know that it is difficult to find a proper short hair and hair color, you should be aware of your skin color and face shape. sollte auch für Ihre Persönlichkeit und Ihren Lebensstil geeignet sein. Your short hairstyle should also suit your personality and lifestyle. So here in our gallery we collected the pictures of 20 short hairstyles so you get inspired!

1. Short thick hair

Here’s a good example of a short hairstyle for thick, voluminous hair texture.

Kurze Haare Frisuren

2. Blond short hair

This girl looks really innocent and sweet with her blonde Pixie style .

Frisur im kurzen Haar

3. Short wavy hairstyle

wie dieser unten: Platinum blonde gives your body a unique touch Bob hairstyle like this one below:

Kurzhaarschnitt Frisuren

4. Casual hairstyle from short hair

This is a comfortable short hairstyle for a casual look.

Frisuren mit kurzem Haar

5. Two rolls of short hairstyle

Here’s how to style your short hair! These two buns and pony make these girls really cute.

Kurzhaarschnitte Frisuren

6. Short cut

Red hair color is a smart choice when it comes to Pixie-style toned ladies for dark skin.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-6

7. Curl An elf

You can style your Pixie with a thin curling iron and create a messy wavy pixie style.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-7

8. Undercut Pixie

This copper red pixie hair with undercut is perfect for hot summer days!

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-8

9. Short curly hair

This curly, authentic pixie style would be a great style for black ladies.

Kurze Haare Frisuren-9

10. Black girl

Look at this shaved side! It’s a bit crazy hairstyle but looks really nervous.

Kurze Haare Frisuren-10

11. Long Bob

This dull long bob is so pure and effortlessly handsome.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-11

12. Braided undercut

Braided hairstyle can also be sports with Undercut Pixie styles!

Kurze Haare Frisuren-12

13. Brown hair Pixie

This pixie style is so classic and yet it will beautifully frame your face.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-13

14. Shorthair Trend 2018

This rebellious pony style with a long bangs is one of the hair trends of this year.

Kurze Haare Frisuren-14

15. Gray silver hair

This bob hairstyle with silver wave locks looks good on this naughty girl.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-15

16. Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Kaley sports short hairstyle for a while and this one is our favorite.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-16

17. Fab hair

This hairstyle may look like unusual curly hairstyle, but it’s great to make a difference.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-17

18th Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose looks really masculine and beautiful at the same time with her edgy short hairstyle.

Kurzes Haar Frisuren-18

19. Blond short

This blonde short bob hairstyle is neat and sweet.


20. Reddish brown hair

Red hair color makes your bob hairstyle much edgier and more eye-catching.

Kurze Haare Frisuren-20



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