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20 short summer haircuts in 2018

Summer heat hits you hard and wants to “hack” here you will find 20 short summer haircuts in our gallery 2018 This is hot for this season. sind der größte Haartrend dieses Jahres. Summer has arrived and short hairstyles are the biggest hair trend of the year. und wähle eins als deine nächste Frisur! Here are the best short haircuts that turn heads this summer, check out these trendy short haircuts and choose one as your next hairstyle!

1st Kaley Cuoco summer haircut 2018

This layered short hairstyle would be a great summer choice.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018

2. Linsey Godfrey summer hairstyle

Here is an inspiring short cut for women with blond hair.

Sommer Frisuren für kurze Haare

3rd haircut summer 2018

To keep your hair out of your neck, go with pixie style with side swept pony.

Kurzhaarschnitte Sommer 2018

4. Wavy layered bob

in Wellen gestylt wirkt mühelos süß und frisch. This deep side layered bob hairstyle styled in waves looks effortlessly sweet and fresh.

Kurzhaarschnitte für den Sommer 2018

5. Emily Rudd Short Hair

Here’s a dark sweet bob hairstyle that may be a good choice for women with blue eyes like them.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte

6. Brown to blonde

Look at this cute blond bob hairstyle, you can style your hair with this half-updo hairstyle from your face.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-6

7. Short haircut for women

This pretty pixie style is perfect for any season, even in summer.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-7

8. Sienna Miller Bob Hair

Messy Bob hairstyles are extremely fashionable.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-8

9. Grace Helbig

This blonde short hairstyle in wavy bob hair is another popular hairstyle this season.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-9

10. Hailey Baldwin Street Style

We’re sure you’ll soon see women wearing this messy bob hairstyle on the street!

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-10

11. Short prickly hair

This spiky messy pixie style would be a great modifier for streetstyle.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-11

12. Lily Collins

Add Bobby Pins to your Pixie style to create a new look and get your bangs out of your face.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-12

13. Pixie haircut

This pixie hairstyle is for girls who likes punk rock styles!

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-13

14. Agyness Deyn

Here is a page parted platinum pixie style for thin hair.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-14

15th hairstyle 2018

This short bob hair is easy to style and maintain and can be worn by women with different facial features.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-15

16. Short hair with bangs

This is definitely perfect for the summer, check out these colorful colors!

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-16

17th celebrity

This celebrity hairstyle looks very elegant, you can create this bob hairstyle with voluminous roots for special occasions.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-17

18. Blonde Pixie

Here is another pixie style with platinum blonde hair color.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-18

19. Long short hair

Her sweet and little face is flattered by this long pixie haircut.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-19

20. Smart elf

Here’s a bright pixie style with pink tones, wispy bangs making this pixie style much younger and more vibrant.

Kurze Sommerhaarschnitte 2018-20



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