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2018 Hair Trends: Hairstyles for Rustic Wedding

The latest hair trends in 2018 are based on the love of nature, the development of special themes and the expression through the hair. Maybe you have already decided on the rustic wedding style that the youth loves for their memorability, special atmosphere and freshness.

Even if you do not like the whole wedding party in style, but need a tender and unusual picture for the special day, our article was definitely made for you!

Wedding Hairstyles: Magic rustic wedding bridal image

If you find the classic bridal image boring and too pathetic, look for Rustic wedding hairstyle! Rustic style reflects the simplicity of European country nature, with boundless flowering meadows, fields and gentle sun-poetry … The rustic wedding style gives you a romantic fairytale-look!

Wonderful simple rustic dresses and fresh natural makeup give you any wedding hairstyles with possibilities!

You do not need an ordinary veil! It covers your natural hair beauty too much. Replace it with such Rustical wedding hairstyles necessary attribute, such as flower crown. 2018 hair trends tend to be natural accessories, so live field flowers would be the perfect option. Add them to your flower crown if they did not wither for long. If you love other species, use their good imitation.

The more volume your hair has, the lusher your crown should be.

You can make a style with bouquet or accent make-up colors.

The combination of natural floral scent with your perfume is required!

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Creating Rustic Wedding Hairstyles: 2018 Hair Trends

Imagine fairytale heroine hairstyle … you almost know what to do!

You do not need to complicated wedding hairstyles to achieve it, just add fascinating flower crown! Let us discuss the best variants.

  • Simple loose hair with such accessories as flower crown or minimalist lace headbands should make you a rustic wedding princess!

  • Wavy hair gives more romance and tenderness.

  • Give pigtails the go-ahead in your wedding hairstyle! Decorate them with small delicate flowers, laces and leaves, use intricate braids. Cascade Braid should be ideal for long and medium length hair.

  • Such adorable wedding hairstyles make bride with short hair look like young ancient goddess! You can also add delicate lace framing forehead.

Hair Color Trends 2018: Airy beauty of the wedding hairstyles

If you need to realize the most beautiful hair color trends in 2018, rustic wedding hairstyle should be the best option!

Naturalness and softness should be combined in 2018 with hair color trends for rustic wedding hairstyles. As an ideal option, you may remember your child’s hair.

Enrich monochrome hair with 2-3 bleached streaks. You should magically decorate your braids!

Balayage and Ombre with natural tones also look good.

A professional stylist could help you get one of the biggest hair color trends in 2018, as a 3D dye. It should emphasize your hair’s shine and volume.

Traditional rustic wedding would not be characterized by light hair colors. But if you love bold fantasy hair colors at all, think of such wedding hairstyles. Delicate pastel lavender, mint, trendy metallic or even bright red and blue shades to transform bride with a rustic hairstyle into an unforgettable elven queen!

Hopefully, our advice should help you to look incredible on the happiest day of your life!

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