New Hair Models

2018 year trends 6 hair model

1) Get ready to use the bun from the hill

The top-to-bottom model that you can use open or otherwise is one of the trendiest models of the 2018 hair models.

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2) Black bands Ile Low Balls

The ponytail model is one of the most comfortable hair styles in red. The low bun model is at least as chic and comfortable as the paddle. The trendy version of the low-bun model, which we often see on podiums with cute hair accessories, are undoubtedly the following models with a black band.

3) Black knit
I do not even have to say that braided models are always trendy and trendy. The most eye-catching knit model in 2018 is the black knit we often see in this season’s collections!

4) Separate models

One of the simplest and most popular models of the year 2018 is hairstyling

5) Wet models

Here is the wet hairstyle that does not want to fall away from the trends of the hairdressing world. Wet-looking hair, which is also very fashionable in the last season, will often come face to face again this year.

6) Bob Style Wavy cuttings

Almost all of Bob’s cuts this year are in vogue. Wavey Bobs are the most prominent of this trend.

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