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25 best short bob hairstyles

Do you want to see our favorites? 25 Best Short Bob Hairstyles ? für dich, dass du willst, dass du einen Hacken machst! If so, we have gathered in this post latest Bob Hairstyle Ideas for you that you want you to hack!

1. Dannii Minogue

This Ombre Short Bob Hairstyle is really face framing and emphasizes all facial features.

Kurze Bob Frisuren

2. Short Bob cut

Here’s a cute but posh short blonde bob hairstyle with a light layer on the back.

Kurzer Bob

3. Short reverse bob

Short Bob hairstyles especially good for thin and straight hair.

Kurze Bobs

4. Short Bob Haircut

Structured, nicey and chic … This short bob is a winner look this year!

Kurze Bob Haarschnitte

5. Short bob with hat

Her short bob hairstyle would look really nice with accessories like hats or headbands.

Kurze Bob Haarschnitte 2018

6. Simple cut

This simple short haircut is a great option for young girls.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-6

7. Classic style

Here’s a short wavy bob hairstyle for classy looks and mature ladies.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-7

8. Eleven Bob

This Pixie Bob Hairstyle is chic and great for thin and smooth hair textures.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-8

9. Tapered haircut

If you want to give your bob hair a unique style, conical layers would work well.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-9

10. Short A-line Bob

A-line Bob Hair can be a daring one, but this one is slightly inverted and looks super chic.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-10

11. Bob hairstyle with fringe

Bob’s hairstyle with dull bangs is nicey and really face framing.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-11

12. Anne Hathaway

Here’s a cute short bob hairstyle by Anne Hathaway that adds some volume to her hair.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-12

13. Blond Bob

You can add pastel purple accents to your blond hair to create a unique style.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-13

14. Bob haircut with pony

Here is a gorgeous blonde bob hairstyle with choppy layering and side pony.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-14

15. Dark hair

Highlight gives her a really cool touch and emphasizes her eyes nicely.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-15

16. Jessica Chastain Short Hair

umrahmt ihr Gesicht wunderschön. Her reddish hair color and cute short hairstyle framed her face beautifully.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-16

17. Short hair layered in the back

If you have thick hair, choppy layering would obey and texturize your hair.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-17

18. Simple stratified bob

This multi-layered short hairstyle with side pony can be worn by women over 40.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-18

19. Bob hairstyle rear view

Kurze Bob Frisuren-19

20. Lateral pony

Kurze Bob Frisuren-20

21st Cameron Diaz

Asymmetrical Bob hat with layers is the perfect style for women with oval face.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-21

22. Sui Er

Here is a nice example of how to make your Bob Hair elegant for weddings.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-22

23. Andreanna Veith

Do you have straight hair and want to add some texture? With side swept pony and layered bob you’ll achieve that look.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-23

24. inverted short bob

Inverted dark bob hairstyles look really chic and nicey and accentuate the wearer’s face.

Kurze Bob Frisuren-24

25. Vidal Sassoon style

Here is a slender straight Bob hairstyle by Vidal Sassoon this is also called Pixie Bob!

Kurze Bob Frisuren-25


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