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25 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2018

To deal with thick, rebellious and extremely curly hair is a big challenge. It’s not like you have the patience to style your hair differently every morning. , dann wäre es nicht so schwer, es zu stylen, wie du es für richtig hältst. However, if you had the right short haircut , then it would not be so hard to style it as you think fit. The good news about gorgeous hair is the fact that you can choose a haircut and after you grow your hair, you can choose another one right away. They never got stuck in the same style. . Actually, you have the best short hairstyles for black women here . Depending on how you hold your hair, you can opt for one of these hairstyles and change your look as many times as you wish. It can be difficult to choose a single hairstyle that you like. But if you want to look different and interesting every day, you do not have to do that. Choose them all! The most important thing to say to yourself when you look in the mirror every morning is that you are beautiful and you can look what you want. Do you want to have messy hair? Do you want to choose the classic Afro look? Are you interested in a business or nicey look? Maybe you can choose both! 2018, das dir den Atem rauben wird. Luckily, here’s a list of the 25 best short hairstyles for black women 2018 that will take your breath away. Take a look around and see which one is right for you. If you are ready for a challenge, then choose the more complicated one. If you want a change in appearance, choose the one that is opposite to your current look. You have so many possibilities! Decide on the hairstyle that makes you smile every time you look in your mirror.

1. Short curly volume hairstyle

kurze schwarze natürliche Frisuren


2. Short thick Afro-like hair

kurze schwarze Haare


3. Extremely short gorgeous hair

süße kurze Frisuren für schwarze Frauen


4. Short curly thick Mohawk hairstyle

schwarze Mädchen kurze Frisuren


5. Short Platinum Straight Hair

kurze Pixie Blondine


6. Very short extremely curly hairstyle

Chrisette Michele


7. Interesting asymmetrical Blonde Curly Pixie

Beste Kurzhaarfrisuren für Schwarze Frauen


8. Dark Straight Nice Pixie hairstyle

Brooke Crittendon Pixie Frisur


9. Very short blonde curly hair

lockiges natürliches Haar


10. Original short black reversed Mohawk

kurze schwarze Mädchenhaare


11. Short dark thick dreads

Kurzschnittstile für schwarze Frauen


12. Short nicey dark curls

schwarze Mädchen Abkürzungen


13. Short classic sweet bob

kurze schwarze Frisur


14. Short layered nice pixie look

kurze Styles für schwarze Frauen


15. Short Original Straight Glamorous Hairstyle

schwarze Mädchen kurze Haarschnitte


16. short, dark, straight hair

tia mowry kurze Haare


17. Short elegant straight hairstyle

Malinda William


18. Short extremely curly bob

schwarze Frauen mit kurzen Haaren


19. Classic fantastic Afro look

Solange Knowles


20. Vintage beautiful simple hair

kurze schwarze Haarschnitte


21. Hardly there Nice look



22. Short dark brown curly hairstyle

kurze Haare Viola Davis


23. Short Classic Straight Bob

schwarze Haare kurze Stile


24. Blonde straight stratified hairstyle

schwarze Frauen kurze Haare schneidet


25. Short, two-tone straight hair with spikes

schwarze Frauen kurze Haare


As you can see, there is a look for every mood and occasion. If you have longer hair and want it to look shorter and look natural, you can do that. If you want straight hair that looks great every time you go out, you can do that as well. You can choose one of these 25 short hairstyles for black women in 2018 and get out of the house like a new me. Either you choose, be sure that you look absolutely gorgeous!


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