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25 popular layered short haircuts

Without chewing your hair, Layering lets you create a chic, modern look. So in our gallery you will find 25 popular layered short haircuts that you will love! sind einfach zu stylen und super für den Sommer! Superimposed short haircuts are easy to style and great for the summer!

1. Short stratified bob

If you want to have some layers, you should consider that blonde hair color even emphasize slight layering.

Kurz geschichtete Haarschnitte

2. Girl with short layered hair

This is messy pixie style with blonde hair, the color looks really cute and chic on this girl.

Kurzes geschichtetes Haar

3. Undercut girl short hair

mit Unterschnitt und wunderschönen Highlights. Here is a cute and stylish Pixie hairstyle with undercut and beautiful highlights.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte

4. Pixie cut with pony

This is a great look for women with lighter skin tones: red pixie with pony

Geschichtete kurze Haare

5. Short to medium stratified hair

This is choppy layered Kurzhaarfrisur is highlighted with honey-blonde color and looks really edgy.

Kurz geschichteten Haarschnitt

6. Choppy Asymmetrical Pixie

This choppy asymmetrical pixie style looks edgy with this platinum blonde hair color.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-6

7. Pixie cut round face

Buttery blonde hair color and well-groomed pixie cut is a nice option for the round face.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-7

8. Short Pixie Cut 2018

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-8

9. Layered Bob and Pony

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-9

10. Pixie Cut Faux Hawk

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-10

11. Asymmetrical Bob

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-11

12. Funky short hair

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-12

13. Asymmetric haircut

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-13

14. Short hair summer 2018

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-14

15. Bria Murphy

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-15

16. Hair trend

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-16

17th summer 2018

Choppy layers and buttery blonde hair color gives this bob hair a stylish touch.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-17

18. Fine thin hair

This pixie style with layering is perfect for women with fine hair.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-18

19. Razor-cut layers

Razor-cut pixie styles look as edgy and modern as this white pixie-style pony.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-19

20. Razor Cut Short Hair

Layers give volume and texture to the pixie-cut styles.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-20

21. Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Layered hairstyles are great for styling your thick and disobedient hair.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-21

22. Bob haircut

Multiple hair color is one of the hair colors trend this year.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-22

23. Acacia Brinley style

She looks beautiful with her medium, long bob hairstyle and the choppy layers.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-23

24. Strawberry Blonde Pixie cut

This Strawberry Blonde Pixie cut is for girls with lighter skin tones.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-24

25. Nice short hair

Here is a baby blonde hair color combined with a nice straight pixie style with bangs.

Geschichtete kurze Haarschnitte-25


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