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25 short pixie cuts

? Looking for the best pictures of short haircuts ? You have arrived in the right place! dieser Generation hat sich vom jungenhaften Look zu „femme fatale“ entwickelt. Short pixie hair of this generation has developed from a boyish look to “femme fatale”. You should choose a pixie haircut that fits your face shape, hair texture and most importantly your personality. Here in our gallery you will find the pictures of 25 short pixie cuts that will definitely be inspiring for you!

1. Short pixie cut

Short pixie style like this one below may look young, but these pixie styles are easy to style and come alive.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte

2. Short pixie hairstyle

Here is a nice example of a short pixie haircut.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren

3. Short pixie haircut

Her hair color will make this short pixie style much more unique and vibrant.

Kurze Pixie Haarschnitte

4. Short pixie cut hair

Here’s a blonde elf cut, she looks really nice and innocent with her neat pixie.

Kurzer Pixie-Schnitt

5. Short pixie

Will something cheeky and rebellious this is for you!

Kurzer Pixie

6. Fine hair

Here’s a Pixie hairstyle suggestions for women with fine hair:

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-6

7. Pixie cropped

She shows her masculine style with her stylish Pixie cut .

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-7

8. Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow’s pixie style is iconic and looks great with her fair skin and full eyelashes.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-8

9. African American women

Rihanna Pixie hairstyle can be a real inspiration for black women.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-9

10. Samantha Sunderhuse

This pixie cut looks really cute on her and you can go with this short pixie if you have thick hair.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-10

11. Pixie Geldof Short Hair

Here is another pixie style that can be good on thick hair.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-11

12. Noble

Here is a not so short pixie style for noble ladies.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-12

13. Gorgeous pixie

Her Pixie cut beautifully emphasizes her beautiful facial features.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-13

14. Modern Elf

Below is how to add a modern twist to your Pixie style.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte-14

15. Short blonde

These women pixie can be worn by curly and wavy hair women.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte-15

16. Super short

Here is a female short pixie style with red lips and full eyelashes.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte-16

17. Platinum Blonde

This sheer beauty looks gorgeous with her face framing the platinum blonde pixie cut.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte-17

18. Pixie cut

Here’s another spiky gray pixie style.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-18

19th vintage style

This vintage-inspired pixie style looks really chic the way it is.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-19

20. Cut off

Do you have curly hair? This pixie cut would be nice to you!

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-20

21. Very short

Short hairstyles look effortless even on red carpet events!

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-21

22. Curly hair

This is for women with curly and wavy hair texture.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte-22

23. Short blond hair

This pixie with shaved sides is a perfect choice for women who like to look edgy.

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-23

24th with undercut

This pixie style with an undercut will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte-24

25. Ultra Short Hair

The first thing you’ll see in this photo is her eyes and then her hair. We think that was her plan before we got that elf ! :)

Kurze Pixie Schnitte-25


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