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26 Trendy Ombre Bob Hairstyles – Latest Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Bored with your hair? You will not be that if you have selected your next makeover of these fresh Ombré Bob hairstyles with great hair color ideas! Step into the future with my gorgeous gallery of the most popular Ombré Bob hairstyles. Discover exciting hair colors in spring and summer!

Daring separating layers on trendsetting Ombré hairstyles

Disconnected layers give reverse bob hairstyles that extra touch of edge This is the hallmark of the modern trendsetter! Stacked bob hairstyles can be achieved with thick hair or medium-hard hair that has been lightened, as the lightening chemicals make individual hair shafts thicker. The idea of ​​this short hairdo has a lot of individuality, with the smooth outline on the back contrasting with the heavily textured tips of the separate layers on the front. The two-legged Ombré blends well with the soft brown sections at the top and neck!

Chic asymmetrical ombre bob hairstyle for short hair

Racy red hair color ideas to accelerate your love life

We love subtle ombré hairstyle Is this nicey, red-hair color ideas to spice up short bob hairstyles! This ombre hair design creates a warm and seductive look, over the red ombré on a long pony running under the chin – to perfectly highlight red lips! This is a super-trendy short hairstyle option for thick and medium hair textures and suits heart, round, square and oval face shapes (who would like a niceier image)!

dark to red ombre bob hairstyle for thick hair

Best Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces and Glasses with Black Frame

Ombre hairstyles for short hair : Dark frames are very fashionable and this model has chosen a flattering, square frame that fits her round face. Simple Bob hairstyles are the perfect match for the sleek, streamlined look of these eyewear frames, and you can pull the entire look together by starting the blonde Ombré hairline in line with the top of the eyewear. This blonde Ombré haircut has structured lace to soften the line and create a face-flattering, chin-length bob hairstyle for medium or fine hair. Blonde ombré hair around the chin disguises a narrow chin and with a face shape between round and oval one can carry an off-center to deep side separation. This is a great short haircut with glasses.

Chic Short Ombre Bob Hairstyle with Glasses

Rock’n’Rasur-Cut Short Hairstyles with Extra Oomph on Ombré Hair

Fashionable Short Haircut for Women : On thick hair, the best razor cut inverted bobs are short hairstyles for Spring and Summer 2018. Density and medium hair types look good with the exaggerated volume around the crown, which is the mark of an authentic Swinging Sixties ‘Mod’ haircut is! The hair color ideas of today are more sophisticated than ever, and these beautifully balanced Ombré Bob hairstyles, design has a dark golden base, with Ombré hair colors ranging from mid-blond to pale golden blond added in graduated balayage highlighting. Worn here with a central bridge for an oval face, you can easily adapt the crown to a round or heart-shaped face shape.

Cute short graduate Ombre Bob cut

Playful multi-ombre bob hairstyles with waves

Medium red ombre hair for medium and dense hair. The contemporary idea of ​​”fusion” inspires Ombré Hair Designer constantly to make us fresh and appealing Ombré hair color ideas ! This long, slightly reversed bob hairstyle option for fine hair has added waves to create extra volume, texture and movement. The light brown base color is imaginatively ombréed in a range of warm, trendy shades, including purple, russet, golden and pretty, shell-pink. Lightblonde tips add the optical illusion of thicker hairs at the ends and slightly textured tips create a blurry, uneven baseline that matches the beautifully mixed shades described above!

layered red to blonde ombre wavy bob haircut for dense hair

Deluxe hair color ideas pigeon ombré with blue stripes on black coffee base

Ombre Hair for Black Women: This is one of the season’s most popular bob hairstyles , here combined with some very high quality hair color ideas. For a prom, party, or special event, you’ll receive compliments throughout the evening with this cute dove-gray Ombré. The roots naturally remain coffee brown and are then gently browned to a light gray shade above and around the face. The lower layers have stripes of rich blue that harmonize with the blues in the Ombré hair for a true Ombré hairstyle with red carpet!

short Ombre Bob haircut for black women

Trendy Twisty Ombré Bob hairstyles for medium and fine hair

Soft Wavy Short Hairstyle for Spring: Show off a carefree attitude to life with trendy, curvy bob hairstyles for medium and fine hair and go blond in a high fashion ombré hair design. Contrasting brown hair with a blonde Ombré is one of the hottest hair color trends for SS16! Chin Length, Ombré Bob Hairstyles with wavy volume on the sides, add width to the lower face to balance the heart and long / narrow face shapes. And curvy, blonde waves are just what fine hair needs to give it extra volume and a lot of idiosyncratic personality!

Cute short curly ombre bob hairstyle for fall

Groovy gray hair color trends in middle hairstyles

I know that many of us are pleased to be “Glad to Gray!”. It can be annoying to hide gray hair at any age, but with the popularity of gray ombré hairstyles on long and short hairstyles this season, all grays have become fashionable, attractive hair color ideas. Bright shades of gray can be very flattering to a range of skin tones and create a softer, more refined look than, for example, platinum blonde. This beautiful option for bob hairstyles combines a long bob hairstyle that is suitable for medium or fine hair, with a full, straight bangs that dips easily in the middle. Fits oval, heart-shaped and round faces. Find more Latest hair color ideas here .

short straight ombre bob hairstyle with dull bangs

Smooth short hairstyles with sweet hair colors for heart faces

This is one of the many chin-length bob hairstyles that minimizes the appearance of a pointed chin. Coffee brown roots follow the “neutral” hair color trends for SS2018 and help to make a wide brow less noticeable. The off-center vertex and the extra-long, laterally swept edge also cover the part of the forehead. And another great way to extend a round or heart-shaped face is to show the “middle forehead” to the hairline! The smoothly curved sides are slender to minimize the width of the face in the cheekbone area and the large curve in the tips on both sides of the chin gives the impression of width! Just add this sweet neutral blonde Ombré and voila! – You are ready for your ‘close-up’!

Most popular dark to blonde ombre bob hairstyle for women

Red carpet shaved short hairstyles with blonde / shell-pink ombré on black hair

This trendy, state-of-the-art razor with black hair perfectly brings out the best features of thick, straight hair. Matching a round or heart-shaped face, the cut is highly asymmetrical. The deep side part is combed over the top to get a “face lengthening” height, before sweeping down into a diagonal fringe bundle that hits the model’s exact pink lips. Black coffee roots with a light, neutral blonde Ombré is one of the most important hair color trends for SS2018 on medium and short hairstyles. The delicate, shell-pink Ombré hair on the ends completes the creative balance by lightening the jagged textured tips in one of the most beautiful areas polished Ombré Bob hairstyles around!

Trendy short-angled ombre bob hairstyle for black women

Playful Peek-a-Boo-Shaggy Bob with great blonde highlights

Medium-short Shaggy Bob hairstyles are another popular hairstyle for SS2018 because they project a relaxed and playful personality that people find very attractive! Suitable for medium thick hair, Shaggy Ombré Bob Hairstyles make a good makeover style from a long cut that starts to look old fashioned. This picture shows a deep side vertex, with extra height from the top of the crest, which then falls into seductive peek-a-boo pony! Soft, light brown roots are skilfully blended into mid- and light-blonde Ombré hair with sharp textured tips that contribute to the casual, scrubby finish! Fits round, oval and heart faces with a funny personality!

brunette to blond ombre bob hairstyle with layers

Sunset hair color trends red to orange ombré hair color ideas

Red to orange ombre hair for shoulder-length hair : If you want a really sensational hair color idea for a special occasion – from a prom or some kind of party to a beautiful wedding hairstyle that’s perfect for a beach wedding – I need this mahogany Red recommend orange ombré bob hairstyles , design! Long Bob Hairstyles are perfect for medium to fine hair and a smooth finish makes the perfect backdrop for really creative hair color trends. Center red here is the main base color, which in the lower lengths gradually changes to orange and a light blonde nuance – with additional dimension by brown Balayage color accents!

Red to Orange Lob hairstyle for medium straight hair

Show-stopping Ombré hair color trends on shaggy bob hairstyles

Trendy punk bob haircut for women: The “punk” look has had a huge impact on pop culture over the years, and now “punk” has become a pretty sophisticated look! Torn dresses with holes and skull rings have become expensive middle-class accessories from the streets of East London in the 1970s. This gorgeous punky ombré bob hairstyle idea is beautifully combined with gray, indigo, turquoise and pale shades of aqua in a shaggy, messy long bob. Lateral volume flatters thin faces and the shape of this bob hairstyle can also be useful to cover a strong jawline!

Pastel Hair Color - Short Dark to Blue Ombre Bob Hairstyle for Women

Vintage 50s Ombré Bob Hairstyles

The pretty polka-dot fabric of the model dress suggests the sweet summer dresses of the 50s and the cute bob hairstyles “are very popular hairstyles for spring and summer 2018. This bob for a round or heart face has a full , Straight-across fringes and a modern twist in the sweet medium-length Ombré hair in the lower lenghts. On fine, ragged hair, broken waves carry the side volume to balance long bob hairstyles. Easy care, but with the latest hair color trends, this attractive vintage look has a casual, youthful finish!

Mid-length ombre bob cut with a blunt pony

Slender curves & subtle Bronde ombré on chin-length short hairstyles

African American Ombre Hair Ideas : This super-cool ombré hairstyle is considered one of the newest bronde hair color trends, which is completely new for SS16! It’s a carefully judged mix of neutral brown and pale golden blond that is so subtle that it’s impossible to decide whether the main color is blonde or brunette! With soft blonde at the ends of this elegantly curved bob and on both sides of the face, a lot of flattering light is reflected on the model’s face, which emphasizes her dark eyes and sweet red lips! Find more latest popular Bob Haircuts here .

Jourdan Dunn slender bobcut

Sweet natural girl beside ombré on middle brown hair

Here is a great bob hairstyle cut for medium to fine hair and an oval face. It’s a simple short hairstyle option that has a subtle two-tone ombré to create a look that can be casual, relaxed or styled in many different ways! This model has a perfect complexion and the amber and warm honey ombré haircuts are all she needs to emphasize and shape her natural beauty.

Short Ombre Bob Hairstyle for 2018

Longhair Bob Hairstyles with Ombré Lite for teens

Here’s a great hair color idea of ​​Bob hairstyles for teens – this will not make your daughter look years older than her real age! Long bob hairstyles like these are the perfect way for a teenage girl to clean up her younger, long hair appearance and add a little sophistication to her image. And if your daughter bothers you for an ombré hairstyle that you really do not want to have, think of that compromise look of a subtle ombré hairstyle that’s just one or two shades brighter! It’s really a copy of what happens naturally when sun-bleached hair grows out, so if you’re doing it you have to defend it against your daughter’s headmaster, you can insist that it’s totally natural!

back to school Ombre Bob hairstyle for short hair

Nervous ashen with blonde Ombré hair trends on shaggy / wavy shorthair hairstyles

This is a super-chic new look featuring trendy ash-brown roots graduated to neutral-blonde ragged tips. The basic form of bob hairstyles is a gently turned bob on fine hair, with disheveled loose waves that add volume that fine hair lacks. This style is flattering for long, square or narrow face shapes, as the top is flat, with volumes at the sides to add ‘width’. Soft waves that end a few inches below the chin are a great way to soften an angular face and cover a strong chin line.

short cut ombre bob haircut for thick hair

Super single-wave bob hairstyles with classy hair color ideas

Neither straight nor curly, this unique, long, bob hair style idea has an attractive deep wave on a bob shorter at the front! Shorter-front-longer-back-inverted bob hairstyles are an exciting new trend and these ombré bob hairstyles, design has a deep wave and a wheat-blonde ombré haircut to accentuate the trendy new shape nicely!

wavy ombre Bob hairstyle for thick hair
Instagram / Hallo.darling.Hair

Chic new twist on long platinum blonde hair

No woman can go on forever with relentlessly light, platinum blonde hair and it’s a good idea to gradually add softer tones to keep the look fresh and flattering. This is the chic version of the favorite, long, blonde hair extensions of the WAG (ie “women footballers women and girlfriends”). The dark blond roots are a totally trendy neutral hue that is more flattering than black roots, and the addition of loose, defined waves gives 3-D color depth that makes fine hair appear thicker.

longer ombre bob hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram / hairbyjessica_

Unique blonde balayage-ombré hair color ideas twists on brunette bob hairstyles

I love this imaginative and cute Ombré Bob hairstyle idea. It uses the popular hair color trend for contrasting colors in a completely different but well-rated Ombré hair design. The base color is a warm brown and the defined curvy waves are blended in a mix of warm, medium blond and light brown shades that are really eye-catching and fresh! This cute ombré hair design is very feminine and – with a disheveled finish and heavily textured tips that create a uneven, messy look on the ends – projects a loose “hip” image!

Instagram / EllaShair

Eye-catching brown to amber Ombré hair trends

Maybe it’s a step towards ash color on the distant horizon, but right now warm brunette and reddish brown sunglasses are peaking in the fashion spotlight! This ombré bob hairstyle option takes the idea of ​​red / maroon / strawberry blond / redhead hair and adds rich brown roots to create a whole new dimension of fashion awareness! Or if your hair is naturally brown , you can simply lighten the lower lengths to achieve that rich burnt orange Ombré hairstyle! This long bob hairstyle is suitable for fine and medium hair contours and the sweet twist waves and the casual-washed surface ensure a relaxed, youthful and absolutely eye-catching image!

Red Ombre Bob Hairstyle Rear View
Instagram / Hallo.darling.Hair

Super-chic long asymmetrical bob with blond brown brown Ombré

This classic, straight, asymmetrical bob hairstyle is one of the timeless short hairstyles that never goes out of style. All you have to do is choose one of the latest ombré hair color ideas to get this “Uptown Girl” look! Deep coffee brown roots are lightened on the thicker side in a straight-lined Ombré hair design, the other side has an ash-brown hair color with a coffee-brown band and is then blond at the ends. Horizontal ribbons are one of the hair color trends we’ll see as I think we’ll see much more of that funky look in the next few years!

ombre long Bob praise hairstyle for medium straight hair

Hair color trends for SS16 on bobs and short hairstyles

Chic Short Haircut for Women : This is a perfect example of how the chin-length bob hairstyles will delight a wide range of face shapes and are suitable for all ages! With an off-center, middle, or side separation, you can customize Ombré bob hairstyles with “face frames” to balance round and heart faces, or make a long, thin face appear shorter and wider. The blonde Ombré draws attention to the eyes and the perfect teeth of the model. The textured tips give the smooth design a contrasting, uneven surface. You can find more ombre hairstyles and balayage hairstyles on!

Simple Short Ombre Bob Haircut for Women

Nice contrast Ombré hair color trends on medium and short hairstyles SS2018

Thick, straight hair can be difficult to handle, so this Bob haircut is a simple, but very chic way to wear medium hair! The hair is cut to lightly brush the shoulders and has highly textured tips that create a fine, curved edge along the lower contour. Outstanding feature is the clever selection of dark and light blond tones that are daring but beautifully matched colors that flatter the skin tone of the model. This is one of the new hair color ideas that add a lot of extra style in what is sure to become a classic Ombré Bob hairstyle!

short ombre bob hairstyle for the summer

I hope you have found something fabulous this week to update the best hair color ideas and ombré bob hairstyles for spring / summer 2018! Hairstyles are changing faster than ever this season, with ombré hair in all sorts of patterns and a slew of formal and informal hair color trends. So I’ll keep you up to date here and now bob hairstyles and ombré hair designs!

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