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30 Best Wavy Short Hair

sind in letzter Zeit extrem in Trends, so haben wir die Bilder von 30 Bestes gewelltes kurzes Haar das wirst du sofort lieben! Wavy short haircuts are extremely trendy lately, so we have the pictures of 30 Best Wavy Short Hair you’ll love right away!

das sind wirklich die Welle verrückt. Wavy short hairstyles are so versatile and you can go with loose waves, beach waves, perfect curls or messy waves … Here are the best short wavy hairstyles that are really crazy about the wave. They are nicey, funny and free, look at them now!

1. Short dark wavy hair

This is a great short hairstyle for naturally wavy hairstyles, easy to manage and stylish.

Kurze gewellte Frisuren

2. Best short wavy blond hair

Here’s one of the best short hairstyles : blonde bob styled in loose waves.

Kurzes gewelltes Haar

3. Pink wavy short hair 2018

This multicolored short hairstyle is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar

4. Short pixie hairstyle for wavy hair

This is a pixie cut that can be on thick and big wavy short hairstyles .

Kurze Frisuren für welliges Haar

5. Lucy Hale wavy short hair

wellige Frisur, die auf Lucy Hale gut aussieht. Here’s a stylish bob wavy hairstyle that looks good on Lucy Hale.

Gewellte kurze Frisuren

6. Natural waves

You can ask your hairdresser to add some layers to style your hair easily.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-6

7. Shoulder length

This shoulder-length short hairstyle looks chaotic and of course with these hardly existing waves.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-7

8. Michelle Williams

You can have Wavely Pixie style just like Michelle Williams!

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-8

9. Perfect trend

This ash blonde ombre bob hair and loose waves are just perfect.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-9

10. Jennifer Lawrence

Choppy layers with loose waves make them look modern, bold and chic.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-10

11. Mathilda’s messy bob

This iconic short bob hairstyle with bangs is still very popular with young ladies.

Wellenförmiges kurzes Haar-11

12. Short dark brown

This multi-ply bob hairstyle with short bangs is styled in waves to create a nicer look.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-12

13. Lily Collins

Lily Collins short wet-shaft bob hairstyle is a great definition for a chic style.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-13

14. Hairstyle for oval faces

This naturally wavy short hairstyle is a great alternative for women with an oval face.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-14

15th girl trend

Another short bob hairstyle that can be really inspiring for girls with darker hair.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-15

16. Lily Collins

Lily Collins Bob Hair is styled in medium and large waves.

Wellenförmiges kurzes Haar-16

17. Light brown highlights

Do not you think that these light brown highlights and wavy bob hairstyle is dreamy and chic?

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-17

18. Brown hair with blond highlight

This hairstyle could be the one you were always looking for?

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-18

19. Rihanna’s short hair

Rihhana has a different look with her wavy short hairstyle and chocolate brown hair color.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-19

20. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s ombre hair color and wavy bob hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-20

21. Medium haircut

You can sport this chin-length bob hairstyle with waves on a daily basis.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-21

22. Wavy short bob

Here’s another cute bob hairstyle for thick and wavy hairstyles.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-22

23. Short curly wavy hair

Here is a nice short hairstyle for ladies with curly and wavy hairstyle.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-23

24. Wavy hairstyle

If you want to haircut with Bob, this Ombre Wavy Bob Hairstyle is a nice inspiration for you!

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-24

25. Short thick hair

This brown short hairstyle looks very sweet on this girl with wavy hair.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-25

26. Wavy hair with bangs

Here is a messy bob hairstyle with bangs.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-26

27. Rear view

This curly bob hairstyle flatters its ombre color and is ideal for women with flat and thin hair.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-27

28. Wavy Bob with Pony

This sweet bob hairstyle with messy waves and laterally split pony gently frames her face and makes her eyes flash.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-28

29. Short beach blond hair

Here’s a vintage-inspired wavy bob hairstyle, her blond hair reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-29

30. Pixie cut

This balayage and wavy pixie cut is our last choice for your inspiration!

Gewelltes kurzes Haar-30


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