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35 best short curly hairstyles 2018 – 2018

The first thing you notice about curly hair is the fact that it is extremely rebellious. You can never do it the way you want it, unless you spend hours in front of the mirror. Sometimes that does not work and you feel extremely frustrated. The fantastic thing about the best short curly hairstyles 2018 – 2018 is the fact that you can choose the style that suits you best. It all depends on your hairstyle and the way you style your hair. Of course there is the question of straight or curly hair too. If your hair is straight and you want a curly hairdo, it is likely that the curls will not last too long if you not only use the right products. und definiere einfach deine Locken mit den richtigen Produkten. If your hair is wavy, you can choose a beautiful hairstyle and simply define your curls with the right products. Well, if you’re dealing with rebellious curls, things are a bit more complicated. You can straighten some of them and then roll them up to be exactly how you want them, or you can just go with the river and accept your rebellious curls. 2018-2018, die wir für Sie erstellt haben, wird Ihnen nur helfen, fantastisch auszusehen. Nevertheless, with the right products and choosing the right hairstyle from the list of the 35 best short curly hairstyles 2018-2018 we have created for you will only help you to look fantastic. The best you can do is to look at these beautiful hairstyles and combine those that appeal to you. It’s your hair, your style, your decision. Just make sure you are satisfied with your choice. If you feel patient, you can try all the hairstyles presented here. Give these wonderful hairstyles!

2. Short extremely curly bob

Kurze lockige Haarschnitte source

3. Short Bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren 2018 source

4. Short classic curly bob

Kurzes Haar geschweift source

5. Short blonde with a filled bob

Lockige kurze Haarschnitte source

6. Short Platinum Curly Pixie

Kurze lockige Frisuren_1 source

7. Short bicolor curly hair

Kurze lockige Frisuren_2 source

8. Short ginger loose curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_3 source

9. Very short blonde curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_4 source

10. Short elegant curly bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_5 source

11. Short red voluminous bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_6 source

12. Short, very good curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_7 source

13. Short nicey dark curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_8 source

14. Short styled pony pixie

Kurze lockige Frisuren_9 source

15. Short messy voluminous blonde style

Kurze lockige Frisuren_10 source

16. Short dark Classy Curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_11 source

17. Short red big hair

Kurze lockige Frisuren_12 source

18. Short asymmetrical red curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_13 source

19. Short Dark Sexy Curly Bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_14 source

20. Short natural beautiful curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_15 source

21. Short red tight curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_16 source

22. Short simple Messy Curly Bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_17 source

23. Short elegant curly curly hair

Kurze lockige Frisuren_18 source

24. Short Dark Asymmetrical Gorgeous Bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_19 source

25. Short stuffed simple blonde curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_20 source

26. Short beautiful lace curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_21 source

27. Short spiked dark curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_22 source

28. Short romantic sweet curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_23 source

29. Short light blonde asymmetric bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_24

30. Short Sexy Classy Fantastic Curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_25 source

31. Short bicolor voluminous bob

Kurze lockige Frisuren_26 source

32. Short curly curly hairstyle

Kurze lockige Frisuren_27 source

33. Short straight line styled curls

Kurze lockige Frisuren_28 source

34. Short loose, curly, wet look

Kurze lockige Frisuren_29 source

35. Short, original, curly ombre

Kurze lockige Frisuren_30 Source You can say that you have seen all kinds of beautiful hairstyles that will look good on you. The good news is that because of this fact, 35 of the best short curly haircuts in 2018-2018 look so great, you can choose both and still look amazing. Just get your tools ready if you’re looking for something fancier or a few nearby products if you want a more natural look. It is your choice!


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