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5 popular short choppy hairstyles for women

There are many hairstyle trends for Fall / Winter 2018 and 2018, many of them vintage inspired by styles that date back to the early 1900s – and there are even more trends that are very modern and innovative. The short “choppy” or “untidy” hairstyle falls into this newer style category, with its layers and highly defined texture – this is a very good style for thin, fine hair and is a very nice cut for naturally curly or wavy hair.

Short Choppy hairstyles with bangs
Short Choppy Hairstyles with Pony / Pinterest

This short messy shag with pony brings a vintage style that was inspired by the 1970s to life. Use a medium barrel curling iron for a beautifully changing look and curls all over your head. Directed either forward or backward, brush or comb and define with texurizing product.

Short, choppy finger wave hairstyle
Short Choppy Finger Wave Hairstyle / Getty Images

A messy layered bob is very versatile when defining layers with a texturizing product. This style is great for finger-waving, for a nice vintage look for that special evening or for a change in your daily style.

Jenna Elfman Short Choppy Messy hairstyle with bangs
Jenna Elfman Short Layered Choppy Messy Hairstyle with Pony / Getty Pictures

This short messy cut has a lot of volume and the highlights give the style a lot of visual interest.
If you have a formal look, apply a good wet look gel and comb straight back and / or apply a deep wave on the front.

Short Choppy haircut with pony for women
Short Choppy Haircut with Pony for Women / Getty Images

Jenny Garth’s short, choppy cut is very nicey and trendy! The asymmetric layers around the face draw their attention to their eyes and cheekbones – along with the height in the crown, it extends a round face and adds angles. For a more formal look, flatten all the hair with a wet-look gel and leave a few fringes around the face to clear your eyes.

Halle Berry Short Choppy Messy haircut for women
Halle Berry Short Choppy Messy Haircut for Women / Getty Images

Halle Berry’s classic Elf becomes more versatile by giving her a choppy cut that gives her a lot of definition and volume to her crown. For a different style try a wet look or a finger wave.

Chaotic, choppy cuts can also be styled in the retro styles of the past decades, such as fingerwaves, marcel waves and pin curls. For more height in the crown area, comb or comb the crown a little bit for a little bouffant look. You can also use hair accessories such as; with rhinestones decorated hairpins, combs, hair clips, headbands and flowers.

When designing your style, think of your face shape, personality and lifestyle.

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