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Amazing Hairstyles for Black Ladies with Box Braids

Es sieht sowohl bei langen als auch bei kurzen Frisuren gut aus. Box braids are one of the most unique and chic hairstyles for black women. It looks good on both long and short hairstyles. If you want to see the hairstyles with box braids you have come to the right side. You will find the best braided short hairstyles especially Bob Haircuts with different hair color and braid techniques.

1. Braids for Bob Hair

Braids are perfect for black women, because this way you can protect your hair, it also looks great.

Box Braid Frisuren

2. Short Box Braids

If you have a natural long bob , this picture below would be very inspiring for you.

Kurze Box geflochtene Frisuren

3. braids in a bob

. Thin or thicker braids can be chosen if you want to adopt box braids for your short bob hairstyle .

Kurze Box Zöpfe

4. Braided hairstyle

Here are twisted braids for long bob hair with toned blond ends, it definitely looks adorable and chic.

Kurze Frisuren Box Zöpfe

5. Reverse style

You can style your hair with pigtails, even if you have inverted bob hairstyle, as you can see, it is very stylish and unique idea for black women.

Kurze Box geflochtenes Haar Frauen

6. Stylish Bob

Here’s another thick box braid idea for black women who want to emphasize their braids, light hair color nicely showing the braids and their skin color.

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-6

7. Short Box Braids Hairstyle

The deep red hair color, the thick braids and the hair accessories look really chic and effortlessly great.

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-7

8. Shoulder length Box Braids

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-8

9. Cool Bob braids

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-9

10. Gray box braids Bob

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-10

11. Senegalese twist Bob style

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-11

12. Bob Faux Locs style

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-12

13. Short turns

Box geflochtene kurze Frisuren-13

14. Dark long bob

Box geflochten kurze Frisuren-14

15. Cool braids

Box geflochtene kurze Frisuren-15


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