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Bags by Trapillo – Designs and Tutorials to make your own bag


If you have spare time and get good craft and DIY projects, do not stop reading. You may not have knitting and crocheting skills, but it’s never too late to learn, especially when it’s fashion again.

Today we will focus on bags from Trapillo. The Trapillo is a great material that consists of pieces of fabric left over from sweaters, T-shirts or other recycled cotton or lycra garments. The threads are usually cut evenly and allow all kinds of handmade pieces. Today we want to show you great ideas and steps that you can make yourself Tramp handbags , do not miss them.

Ideen für die Herstellung von Trappillo-Taschen

The Trapillo is very often used for all kinds of purses, wallets, handbags and wallets. It’s a pretty cheap and easy to handle material. With the Trapillo you can design a variety of pieces to your liking.

How to make trap bags in several easy steps

trapillo Handtaschen Designs

You will find that there are very different types of patterns for making trap bags on the Internet. You can choose the traditional shapes or make braids that give them the shape you are looking for to make a modern type of bag.

Original Designs von Trapillo Handtaschen

If you prefer a more original bag design, you can try making a bag with crochet. But if you do not want to complicate yourself so much, opt for a simpler solution, such as making a circle or a crocheted oval, folding it, sewing it, and adding a clasp and two handles. As easy as it sounds.

Designs of crochet and traps handbags

tolle Designs von Trapillo-Taschen

Another very original way to make trap handbags is to fold strips and sew them to the embroidery stitches. Of course, with the crochet work or with a fabric with two needles we will achieve more beautiful designs, but for this we need to have more experience with the crochet or a detailed pattern to be able to do it.

Handle of the hand of Trapillo of modern style

schöne Designs von Trapillo Handtaschen

The materials you need to make a trapbag are basically a cloth roll, the size you’re considering, but to give you an idea, a one meter roll will roughly serve a 50 x 50 cm to produce a large piece. Depending on the selected roll, you can cut the draw in half as the rolls can be 0.5 cm to 4 cm wide. If you have a role Trapillo, you can start to develop your bag.

Original Trapillo Tasche

You will also need a sewing needle and a crochet hook (the size depends on the thickness of the trap, sizes between 10 and 12 are usually good).

Original ideas for the production of Trappillo bags

Original pinke Trapillo Tasche

The classic patterns for making trap bags are usually made with crochet with a braided fabric pull or a sack handle that you can cover with the strip cloth. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, it also serves to reuse an old grip that you do not like too much.

Nice handle bag design with a large handle

Tasche von Trapillo

You can use a variety of patterns and designs of handbags, travel bags or Trappillo portfolios. A good idea is to make a bag half a cloth, half a trapillo. You can add original details; From crocheted balls to some belt buckles. The ideas are varied and you just have to use your creativity.

Handbag made of gray crochet

Originalfalle Tasche Diy

Also, consider using a piece of fabric you have at home and adding it to your catch bag.

Original crochet backpack design in three colors

Diy Traptillo Rucksack

Handbags generally tend to be square, but if you use a round or rhomboid pattern, the result could be very original. For each of these forms, the steps you need to follow are very similar. What fundamentally changes is the finish.

Great trap bag

Tasche von Trapillo

You can trap by using an example of a handbag model. Or design a large travel bag, beach bag or bag for shopping. This material is elastic and also very soft.

Pretty travel bag from Trapillo

wie man eine diy trappillo tasche macht

There are very famous designers who have already discovered the Trapillo and have started to create modern and really beautiful pieces. These handbags are simple yet elegant, and the material is great for a casual outfit.

Modern style trap bag design

Trapillo Taschenentwurf

Small backpacks are very up to date. A design of this kind should not be more complicated than a handbag, but you should think about opening and closing the bag and handles.


If you want, you can add fringes to your purse. So you have a design of the most modern, ideal for an adventurous summer look. You can also wear your fringed bag in the spring, and you can even combine it with a pair of leather boots.

Crocheted bag with fringes and leather handle


In this picture you can see the finished fringed bag. A reused leather handle looks good and the fringes give it a lot of character. You can attach a zipper to the closure of your bag, but if you do not want to complicate so much, you can simply decide to close it with a velcro, a cheap and easy solution.

Schritte, um eine Trapillo-Tasche zu machen

Do not hesitate to combine different colors for the design of your bag. Design and fashion tones have no limits; experiment with colors and impress everyone with unique designs that show your personality and style.

Häkeln Fähigkeiten

In these pictures, you can see some types of embroidery and crochet that may be useful for the design of your bag. The shape of this design is round, has a flap and long fringes. For the interior you can look for a nice fabric; for example one with prints of small flowers.

Techniken und Fertigkeiten für das Häkeln

Taschen von Trapillo - Designs und Tutorials, um Ihre eigene Tasche zu machen

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