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Best hippie hairstyles to be tested in 2018

Retro hairstyles are our obsessions and there’s nothing wrong with rocking them again. Today we have put together the best hippie hairstyles for 2018. With these updos and downdos you will never have an outdated look. All you have to do is wear them with modern twists. Draw your inspiration from the following styles and get your own version of hippie styles. Before you try these hairstyles, do not forget to get matching hair accessories.

Afro mane in hippie style

The huge Afro mane was combined with an incredibly colorful headband to create a hippie inspired style. It’s a real hairstyle for every festival. The beautiful headband brings out the best of the tangled texture. Women who are still obsessed with hippie styles should consider the following appearance. Note that it is a good option for those with short hair. Annoying strands do not bother you. Flowery ‘Do

A floral headband makes the hairstyle super soft and feminine. It is a style for lazy girls who want to achieve a sophisticated hairstyle without spending much time in front of the mirror. The flowers complement the curls and make them super cute. If you have natural curls, just hug them by rocking a hippie-inspired hairstyle like this one. Feather Headband

Keep in mind that accessories are the most important elements that turn a simple hairstyle into a sophisticated hairstyle. It is important to use right pieces to achieve the look you want. In this style, the feathered headband gives the straight hairstyle a vintage effect. If you want a rebel look, copy that style. It works for everyone, regardless of the texture and hair length. High end headband

Hippie hairstyles can also rock formally. But be alert when choosing an accessory for a formal piece of jewelry. This ridiculously delicate headband gives sleek hair a nicey and stylish touch. All you have to do is drop your hair down with a simple middle part. It’s an effortless style that gets a complicated look with the help of hair accessories. Shiny headband

This beautiful hairstyle is a modern interpretation of a hippie style. The shiny headband was placed in addition to loose waves. The style is quite voluminous with a hippie flavor. It is a hairstyle that anyone can achieve. Be sure to find a cute headband like this. Let us not forget that it is the main element that gives hippie style.

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