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Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair in 2018

Thick hair is twice as difficult to style as thin hair. Even though thick hair is hard to style, there are so many eye-catching hairstyles that you can try for your texture. Be it an updo or downdo with a properly chosen hairstyle, you will have a great look. In 2018, I’ve put together some short hairstyles for thick hair to show you that getting shorter curls is affordable. Continue reading and choose the short hairstyle that is closer to your heart.

Bun for medium hair

The bun was made on medium-long hair. It’s a wonderful hairstyle that’s good for medium hair. It’s a way to collect your strands and take them out of your face. Luckily, women with short hair are still able to carry bread and look cooler on thick hair. Apart from a roll, this orange tone also attracts attention. It’s a statement hairstyle that you can create within minutes. Side Swept Choppy Bob

If you are not into up-styles, try downdos. There is nothing easier than wearing such a hairstyle. It requires you to give some curls to your curls and then turn them aside to create a side-cut hairstyle. Blonde hair color is another pattern that makes this headdress so cheeky. Note that the haircut requires that you also give your locks some layers. Long bob and pony

Long Bob is indisputably gorgeous. It is the top trend of the season and many celebrities have already managed to rock the style. The following praise is paired with a straight pony. The whole style is pretty undone and disheveled. There are some hair highlights in the locks that add some movement. Do not try to exaggerate any hairstyle, chaotic styles are much better. Dull Bob

There is an idea that dull bobs look good only on thin hair, but this example is included to prove the opposite. The bluntness of the bob creates a great frame for the face. The strands are held straight to show the shape of the crop. With such a headdress you can not go wrong. Change your hair color for a whole new look. Pixie haircut

Even pixies are good for you if you have thick hair. Look at this statement hairstyle, which is bold and at the same time feminine. Silver and dark tones are paired to make the hairstyle more interesting and catchy.

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