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Blonde hair colors to try 2018

Blonde hair colors for 2018 are incredibly luxurious. A fresh, blond hue can lighten your complexion, soften your hair and make your face shine. To find the perfect blonde, it’s all about balance. Choose between cool tones, if you have pale skin, and choose warmer shades if you have a medium to dark complexion. Take a look at these beautiful blondes and choose a suitable one in 2018. Light blond hair color

This year, the trendy blondes are mainly in natural effects. Choose a light blond hair color and mark it on the top with slicing highlights. You can even go for dark roots for a stylish effect. Bright blondes are ideal with light skin tones and bright eyes. They look good with cool undertones. If you have warm undertones, you can work on the highlights. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Another natural-looking hair color is the strawberry blond. It makes you look like a red-haired beauty, but at the same time keeps the shadow more subtle. Erdbeerblond has been popular since 2018 and will remain a big trend in 2018 as well. It’s great with light and medium skin tones. So, say goodbye to the grim, boring and old-fashioned hair colors and start dying your curls in the sweet and refined strawberry blonde tone. Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum colors are still in things. They are the brightest blonde hair colors that stylists combine beautifully with light and dark skin tones. While some wear platinum blondes to look like Marline Monroe, others choose this shade to look heavenly and angelic. It is a seductive hair color for short and long hairstyles. Shiny blond hair color

Glossy shades like Golden Blonde are other sparkling hair colors for 2018. If you have medium to dark skins and want to try a new blonde color, think of the blonde’s warm golden hue. Combine it with long and medium haircuts and go for regular enhancements to update your hair color. Ash blonde hair color

Neutral and multi-tonal ash blonde hair colors are fashionable today. They are paired with dark roots when the eyes are dark and the skin is tanned. You can dye your hair in a great ash blonde tone and opt for beach waves. They create the most beautiful combination together.

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