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Celebrities with Short Hair – Golden Globe 2018

Red Carter events are very important for hair and fashion trends. von Emma Stone Jessica Chastain. You can see the latest trends for hairstyle and haircut Celebrities by Emma Stone Jessica Chastain. Now let’s take a look at these fancy, yet modern and stylish models a bit closer to Golden Globe hairstyles you’re looking for.

1. Emma Stone

With a loosely twisted faux bob, updo definitely looks sleek and stylish, completing her gorgeous shiny dress.

Prominente mit kurzem Haar 2018

2. Evan Rachel Wood

She definitely looks masculine and powerful with her short hairstyle, dyed with gray and styled into beautiful waves.

Promi-Frisuren des roten Teppichs

3. Michelle Williams

Slim hairstyles will be very popular in 2018 and Michelle Williams sports side has shared a dotted short hairstyle for this year’s red carpet.

Prominente mit kurzen Haaren Golden Globe

4. Emily Ratajkowski

mit losen Wellen kann für jede Gelegenheit getragen werden. Bob hairstyles will be in 2018 trends as you can see layers Bob hairstyle with loose waves can be worn for any occasion.

Roter Teppich Frisuren

5. Reese Witherspoon

Deep side parted updo hairstyle or Reese Witherspoon is elegant, suitable for her age and face shape.

Promis kurzes Haar

6. Gina Rodriguez

Ombre color looks so mixed that this wavy bob hairstyle would be a nice inspiration for black ladies.

Promis des roten Teppichs mit kurzem Haar-6

7. Gwendoline Christie

Simple yet elegant Gwendoline Christie’s short hairstyle looks so powerful that it kills the short haircut!

Red Carpet Prominente mit kurzen Haaren-7

8. Millie Bobby Brown

Her slender bob hairstyle would be a great inspiration for young ladies and teens, this can be worn for balls or weddings.

Promis des roten Teppichs mit kurzem Haar-8

9. Octavia Spencer

Here’s a dark wavy bob hairstyle for mature black ladies looking for a new year’s hairstyle.

Promis des roten Teppichs mit kurzem Haar-9

10. Ruth Negga

If you have short and wavy, dark hair, this hairstyle by Ruth Negga, which is split at the side, would be a great choice for special occasions.

Red Carpet Prominente mit kurzen Haaren-10

11. Sarah Paulson

Promis des roten Teppichs mit kurzem Haar-11

12. Viola Davis

Red Carpet Prominente mit kurzen Haaren-12

13. Jessica Chastain

As already mentioned, the slim and wet-looking short hairstyle 2018 will be more trendy than messy bedhead looks.

Promis des roten Teppichs mit kurzem Haar-13

14. Annette Benning

Annette Benning attended the Golden Globe ceremony with her simple yet elegant short blond hairstyle that could be inspiring for older women.

Red Carpet Prominente mit kurzen Haaren-14

15. Kristen Bell

I think Kristen Bell’s voluminous bob hairstyle is one of the best looks on the red carpet, she definitely flatters her facial features and completes her whole look.

Promis des roten Teppichs mit kurzem Haar-15


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