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Cool ways to wear deep side part hairstyles in 2018

Is the deep side part of your favorite hairstyle idea? Discover cool ways to wear deep side hairstyles in 2018 . This is one of the trendiest ways to enhance your charming look and give your face a modern twist. There are times when celebrity celebrities opt for retro hairstyles and combine them with a deep side parting for a modern look. Separation of sides helps to soften the face shape and attract more attention. Deep Side Parted Curls Hairstyle

Soft and sweet curls are very beautiful in popular styles, but they will be posher and breeder with deep side parting. You can work on the upper part of your hair to make it polished and smooth, but the tips should be voluminous and curly. How to Style : Start with a little hairspray or cream on the top and tips of your hair. Then use large curlers or curling iron to get these beautiful curls. Pass your fingers through them for more volume. Use a fine-toothed comb to create the deep side vertex.

Deep Side Parted Slim Hairstyle

Things are easier with naturally straight hair. Many women rock smooth, side-parted hairstyles with wet-look effects for their super-classic looks. This is a great way to stay in control of troublesome streaks and get an elegant look. The best thing about smooth-cut hairstyles is that they work with every style and outfit. How to Style: Apply hair cream on your damp curls and comb gently. Then blow dry with gentle brushing and try to make your hair as smooth as possible. Use flat iron for a perfect result. Create the deep side vertex with a comb and fix it with hairspray.

Side Swept Braided Hairstyle

The faux undercut braid is ready to give you a cool deep side shared hairstyle. It is one of the most popular prom hairstyles for the moment. A number of braided styles are combined with this hairstyle idea. They are subtle and pretty at the same time. You can get a sweet undercut braid hairstyle if you have medium to long hair. How to Style : Start with clean and dry hair. Comb it gently and pull a large part to the side. Then braid the other part into your favorite braid and secure it to the tips. Concentrate on the other part of the hair. Try to make it straight or roll.

Deep Side Part Undercut Hairstyle

Women who seek more attention often go for annoying haircuts. While Undercut is a tough and boyish hairstyle trend women know how to make it tender. Here’s a great option for a short undercut. As you can see, it is combined with a deep side parting that emphasizes the gentle touch of the hairstyle. How to Style: First, go for a short undercut that shaves one side of your hair. Then cut the other part into a fresh haircut. Style it in structured and voluminous hairstyles, be it straight or curly.

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