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Daring Shaved Pixie Hairstyles for 2018

We are all looking for new ways to change our looks and why not to take things to a whole new level. Never be afraid to try the boldest and most intriguing trends for yourself. Shaved pixies are best for women who love to keep things short and tidy. In fact, these edgy pixies are not for the faint-hearted. When you’re ready to take the plunge, you’re in the right place. Take a look at these daring shaved pixie hairstyles for 2018 and be inspired. If you are a fashion conscious woman, you will appreciate these beautiful yet meaningful hairstyles.

Buzz Pixie haircut

Pixie is already a daring plant, but if you’ve decided to add a little bit more then go to the Buzz page. It will not only unleash your wild qualities, but also boost your self-confidence. No doubt, with a hairstyle like this you will stand out in the crowd. Consider a shocking hair color for a fuller look. Brave Heart Ladies, what are you looking for? Side Swept Pixie and Hair Design

When it comes to pixie haircuts and hair trimmers, the possibilities are many. Here’s another way to experiment with shaved pixie. The page was hummed and combined with a creative hair design. However, you have the option to choose your own version of the design, but make sure your hairdresser is ready to create your desired pattern. It is the highest moment to prove that you are never afraid to become courageous. Feathery cut with undercut

For a more casual look, you can opt for subtle feathering. The brunette hair color gives this pixie an even more natural look. Before deciding on the following headdress, make sure you have appropriate face shapes. When it comes to the undercut, it was created near the temple. You still have the chance to hide it if you do not want to bring it to life. Curly shaved pixie

If you have decided to shave the side of your head, try the bravest hairstyle – Mohawk. The real mohawk needs to shave your head, so just try it with your curly pixie and give a bold statement. It is important to keep some length for an excellent Mohawk style. To achieve these chic curls, use your curling iron. Boyish haircut

A shaved side pixie is becoming more popular. Fortunately, this trend is also affordable for women. Many celebrities have proven that even with a boyish harvest, you can maintain your femininity and cuteness. You can always use a pastel shade to soften your bold harvest. Here is the best example to inspire you.

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