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If you need children’s hairstyles to bring real joy, listen carefully to their preferences. Fantasy ideas guide Hair Trends 2018, so you can be inspired by your child’s favorite cartoon heroine looks! Maybe you should like Disney Princess hairstyles and use them for yourself. We give you examples of “Disney” shows by celebrities that are suitable for both children and adults.

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Dear parents, cosplayers and of course little princesses, we invite you to read our fairy tale article «Hairstyles 2018: Disney Princess Hairstyles».

Hairstyles 2018: Loose hair magic


Pocahontas natural beauty lets us admire. It is an ideal option for girls with long, dark hair. Use only a little styling with hair dryer for children to create hairstyles and hair straighteners for you.


Such beautiful volume should be achieved in a few simple steps. Brush the hair on one side and then dry it with warm air from the opposite side! It is ideal for girls with wavy hair.


Hairstyles 2018 brought fashion back to extra curly hair! Just use some hair clips and peel off after 15-20 minutes to make a side piece.

snow white

Add some volume to the Bob Haircut and your child will look like Snow White! If girls with long hair are looking for Snow White, make a fake bob. You can find it at COOL HAIRCUTS!

Kids Hairstyles: Festive Disney Styles

Most actual 2018 hairstyles for you and young princesses include buns, free pigtails and ponytail modifications. Disney princesses have been using it for a long time!


Dry hair with hair dryer, give it volume near roots, and then scrape it up and fix it with hair clips. Release the front strands and pull out with an iron.

Use blue bow or add high bun with yellow ribbon to repeat Belle’s evening look.


Such popular children’s hairstyles should be suitable for school as well as for parties. Mothers and daughters can carry it together! Comb hair. Make a loose braid on one side and leave it slightly careless, keeping the volume close to the roots.


Collect hair in a high ponytail, and then tie it over the entire length with transparent or colored rubbers at a distance of about five centimeters. Carefully pull each section to loosen it.

Bright accessories that are welcomed into hairstyles in 2018 are similar to the princesses or others looking for the east.

Hopefully our article «Hair Trends 2018: Disney Princess Hairstyles» was useful for you! Create your fairytale with COOL HAIRCUTS!

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