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Elegant prom updo

I have something special for you tonight. If you’re looking for one of the most memorable prom nights ever, you’ll need a perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, some pretty accessories and of course an elegant prom hairstyle. We see pretty curls that are stacked high and make volume look great. It’s a specific style with an elegant twist. Thanks to the raised hair you can show your hypnotizing earrings and your beautiful make-up.

Elegante Prom Hochsteckfrisur 2018

This style will certainly enhance your natural beauty and express your individuality. Look at this great look from different angles. I hope these pictures will inspire you to try this hairstyle:

Elegante Prom Hochsteckfrisur 2018

Elegante Prom Hochsteckfrisur 2018

Elegante Prom Hochsteckfrisur 2018

Images licensed from Ingram Image

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