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Face framing short elf hairstyle ideas

? Thinking about a trendy pixie cut ? In this post you will find pictures of face making short elf-hairstyle ideas that can be inspiring for you!

1. Pixie cut

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle that flatters your face, blonde and prickly pixie cut maybe everything you need!

Kurze Pixie-Schnitte

2. Super Short Pixie

Women who want to emphasize their eyes and frame their face can go with this super short elf.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren

3. Dark hair Pixie

Here’s another super short pixie style with and edgy cut and style.

Kurze Pixie Haarschnitte

4. Blond hair

If you have a light to medium skin tone with hazel eyes, this cropped blonde elf is perfect for you.

Kurzer Pixie-Schnitt

5. Stylish cut

This short haircut with highlights is a great choice for women with light eye color and skin tone.

Pixie Kurzhaarschnitte

6. Perfect elf

Women with thick hair! This pixie cut is perfect for you!

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-6

7. With undercut

Pixie cuts with undercut styles are very popular. With Pony you can give your look a stylish touch.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-7

8th 2018 trend

Blonde pixie style with layers and fa framing short bangs can flatter your face.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-8

9. Emma Watson

Emma Watson has cut her hair off after Harry Potter films for a new look.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-9

10. Side view

Here is a side view of a platinum blonde pixie cut with layering and side pony.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-10

11. Very short cut

wie dieser jungenhafte Haarschnitt unten wird definitiv Ihr Gesicht schön gestalten. Super short haircut like this boyish haircut downstairs will definitely make your face pretty.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-11

12. Michelle Williams

She really wears cute golden blonde pixie with bangs and layering cut.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-12

13. Layered style

Here is a layered short hairstyle with bright red hair and side swept pony.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-13

14. Too short

Here’s a super short pixie cut that’s totally facial and modern.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-14

15. Pixie cut with faded style

Here is a gorgeous brunette pixie cut with faded style on the back.

Kurze Pixie Frisuren-15



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