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Fashion Design – The geometric style is a constant trend


Today we talk about fashion design and more precisely about geometric prints and their introduction to fashion design. In earlier civilizations, mathematics, religion and art were not separate. We know this from the many amazing works of geometric art that have survived to this day and that generally serve as inspiration for fashion design.

Fashion design inspired by geometry


The fascination for geometry and geometric patterns is always present in the fashion world. It is not necessary to create highly complex geometric designs, as you can see in these photos, until the simplest form changes the appearance of the garment.


Geometric patterns have always been relevant in fashion design. Squares in black and white, color circles, hexagonal shape and how to forget the stripes. All these elements can be found in the new collections of fashion designers who were certainly very attentive in the teaching of geometry at school.

Stylish fashion design


Rectangles, triangles, trapezoids all these ways inspire and drive the designers mad, making the lives of most women increasingly difficult. You will say it, but also because it is not a big deal.

Black and white monochrome fashion design


But sometimes we are not aware that it is not just following the latest trends, thinking about fabrics and spending hours in the shops. Now we also have geometry and what fits our figure well.


But how do you use the geometry in your clothes to match the dress you like to your figure? It is not an easy task. Although we do not realize that geometry is so strongly associated with our daily lives, and especially in dresses where it plays such an important role.

Mode-Stil-geometrische - Cathy-Thom-Browne

Not many people currently buy clothes and accessories without thinking that the figure of the fabric, the clothing style, is made of geometric shapes that allow it to look stylish and fashionable.

A nice Chanel dress¹

Mode designestilo-geometrico-chanel

For this reason, many people research and analyze the influence of geometry on fashion design in the locker room. For example, the main types of official dress of the Romans were toga, tunic and coat called Palla.


Toga – made from elliptical white wool and wrapped around the body. People without citizenship could not wear toga. The toga was a very large piece of woolen cloth that had a semi-circular or circular shape that reached a length of 6 m or more at the leading edge and a rounded edge of 2 m or more.


In ancient times men, women and children wore the toga. But over time it became just clothes for men. It takes a lot of skill to wear a toga. In the second half of the fourth century. Special techniques were developed with togas.

Mode-Stil-geometrischen Stil-Casual-Design

The toga was mainly worn by rich people and as you can imagine the toga could not be worn without help. The style of the ancient Greeks was also influenced by the Romans, as they did not sew their clothes, but used brooches and buckles.


It can be said that the Greeks were interested in the painterly and constructive aspects of clothing. They wear white fabrics or the same color, and here the geometry that is displayed on their clothing comes from embroidery.


The main features of the dress of the time in which the ancient cultures lived are their immutability, permanence and monotony, the use of simple geometric figures and the clarity of the lines, but even in these distant times we see the technical perfection of the clothes, patterns exactly calculated, perfect fabrics and great elegance when dressing.


The jewelry was made of natural materials in the time of the ancient cultures were massive stones jewelry. Of course, the geometry is not left out here.


And let’s take a big leap after talking about the importance of geometry in the fashion design of antiquity. Let’s talk about the fashion of the 19th century. The 19th century can be considered the cradle of many contemporary styles.

Mode-Stil-geometrische-Retro-Optionen Design

Every new season proves it, because we find familiar things in all these trends, because many fashion designers are guided by the models that were so modern a long time ago. But how could one not be influenced by nineteenth-century fashion, the century of revolutions?

Mode-Stil-geometrische-Gateway-Inspiration Design

Who has not been impressed to see historical films about kings and queens in sumptuous clothes full of lace. This was the century when trousers and elegant clothing gained great popularity, and how to forget the corset to form the waist.




If you see pictures of Victorian dress, it will be impossible not to be surprised by the luscious skirts with conical shape, the very narrow waist, the women thanks to the corset and luscious sleeves. In clothing models we also see triangles, squares and circles.

Modedesign Stil-Geometrisch-Kleid-gefärbt

Sand with limp shoulders, bare chest, narrow waist and wide hips wanted to emphasize the femininity in different ways, especially by cutting and refining. During the 19th century, fashion changed almost every decade. Skirts were a constant modern element. Although design has changed since the end of the century, European fashion has returned to a slim silhouette.

Mode-Stil-geometrisches-Kleid-kurzes Design

At the end of the nineteenth century, women finally gave up the extravagance of past decades, forgetting the sumptuous skirts but using corsets that were an essential element. The classic silhouette of the end of the century, consisting of a narrow skirt with a center of gravity on the waist that naturally falls on the hips and gradually extends downwards in the form of a bell.

Mode-Stil-geometrisches Kleid-kurz-auffällig

Finally, the big sleeves that were appreciated by the women following the fashion design of the Victorian era vanished from the fashion world. These were replaced by narrow sleeves, which were sometimes lush and decorated with ruffles on the shoulder, but always stretched to the wrist.


Fashion always reflects the times. A good example of this is the fashion of the last decade of the twentieth century, which emerged in a time of recession and reflected political and social events of the nineties in fashion design. Many people began to wear second-hand clothes and fashion trends no longer reflected the ideals of luxury living. Now, for example, is rich and elegant prestige.


In the early nineties, designers began to draw inspiration from the fashion of past decades and old styles, but tried to keep everything very original. One trend that led to staying was the minimalism that dominated the runways and life in recent years, although it combined with more decorative styles. Minimalism had many followers, especially among young people. It is impossible not to fall in love with the exquisite simplicity of lines and materials.


Sew. As we know, fashion has more consumers in rich countries. But minimalism lets us forget the joys of the avant-garde collections and seek peace and quiet. The main thing that determines the current fashion is comfort and naturalness. They love all those who like clothes in the classical sense.


You can choose the best, but we can not deny that play a major role in creating our image fashion accessories, bags, shoes, ornaments. All these elements, whose creation is inspired by the geometry that does not stay on the edge.


After all, the main trends in fashion design are and are massive ornaments, natural stones and natural materials, clear geometry, elegant and vintage jewelery, are invariably also popular. The accessories are mostly monochromatic colors silenced, or with a geometric pattern.


We can find relevant elements inspired by geometry, all categories of jewelry, both gold and silver. The sharpness of the lines in the execution of filigree is one of the most important methods of decoration, is present in the collections of modern jewelers. Geometry is also reflected in the intersection of gemstones.


In 2018 we can put aside the humble earrings. The heavier the earrings, the more fashionable they become. It should also be remembered that in the fall-winter 2018-2018 season, earrings are back in fashion and used by most designers as part of their designs. You can complete it with a bracelet and a necklace. Very modern will also be rings in their matching hands with a large earrings and have a luxurious image.


If we talk about bracelets, as you can remember a few years ago, you could use in very large quantities. But now it is better to use only one or two well combined. If you remember that the very daring girls put them in both hands, almost to the shoulders, but that’s no longer an option. The more original the bracelet, the better. Another thing that remains fashionable is necklaces with necklaces or very elegant collars, and the best thing is that you can not only wear it on special occasions at night, but even during the day. There are many variations and styles that you can use.


For this season, the designers of the world offer us pendants in semi-circular shape, as well as unusual geometric shapes and crosses. You will be able to look chic even without a necklace combination. The accessories of geometric shapes are one of the main trends of the fashionable autumn-winter season 2018-2018. There are all sorts of shapes in fashion collections: rectangles, triangles, ovals, circles, balls and squares.


But after saying this, they will love jewelry lovers, but as we said this year, it is fashionable to be natural and if you do not want to wear jewelry, you can also choose not to do so, since the use of a few jewels as well will be very relevant next season.


They are less massive and less noticeable. The jewels that look like amulets and amulets are also very popular. They are light and less voluminous, but also fashionable.


When talking about jewelry, it’s almost impossible to be out of style, as fashion and accessory trends often change faster than fashion trends in clothing or hairstyles. That should be so many women prefer to opt for the classic, relevant options at all times and use them for just about any situation.


However, it is not worth ignoring the changing fashion trends as it gives us the opportunity to add a bit of variety to their looks. These are accessories, jewelry and details that are able to change and change the style, with individuality and personal taste in the foreground.


But even if we talk about geometry, fashion designs in our time are not limited to geometric figures. They are looking for the best to turn even simple triangles and squares into an accessory or an original print.

Kleidung-Mode-Muster-Geometrie-Optionen 1

It has long been recognized that clothing and accessories, alongside the utility function, help to express your own style and personality, so today we invite you to reconsider and inspire our fashion design possibilities with geometric prints.




1 Chanel

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