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Fashion from the deconstructionist trend with ingenious ideas

Mode spezieller dekonstruktivistischer Effekt

The deconstructivism, which is basically known in the world of architecture, is a movement of the late eighties. As we mentioned in a post in earlier days, one of its characteristics is the fragmentation and vision of a design that is not linear. It is also interesting how the surfaces in structures. All these distortions in the structure itself make deconstructivism an interesting phenomenon.

Fashion from the deconstructionist trend

Mode Dekonstruktivismus unregelmäßige Hosen

As it is obvious has spread to other areas such as fashion. In this case, as in architecture, it can be said that the end result can not be predicted. Everything resembles chaos, but order and structure are fine. To understand his nature, we must start with the origins of this movement. One fact that has undoubtedly marked its emergence was the exhibition of deconstructionist architecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the late 1980s.

der Mode-Dekonstruktivismus dunkle Farben schwarz

Allows to create the basics of a concept that has acquired fashion in the same way. To look at all this new, distorted view of clothing as an art form. If we had to name one in the fashion industry of constructivism, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto would be. They were the first to experiment with these new ideas.

Mode rotes Kleid zeitgenössische Formen

At the time in the world of fashion In the case of Yohji Yamamoto, the use of asymmetries was already remarkable. As well as other endings that just were not and were half way. In the case of his colleague, the fact that he worked with perforated fabrics was a big impact for the public at large. He had never associated the idea of ​​holes in presses that were exactly the protection and coverage of the body.

Mode schwarzen Mantel Ärmeln Stil destructivism

At the moment it is not complex at all and is very popular. But at the time it was something that not everyone could accept. Many of the garments presented by both designers had a half-finished image. Even something destroyed, framed by what they called the boro look. The deconstruction was followed by other significant artists such as Vivienne Westwood or Jean Paul Gaultier.

The deconstructionist fashion

elegante weiße Kombination

Maintenance in all cases possessing breakage of movement with all the structure previously known from the garments. Educational institutions such as the Antwerp Gymnasium were important institutions for the knowledge and dissemination of deconstructivism in fashion. At a time when designers like Martin Margiela.

Effekt-Effekt auf das Kleid

Everything that brought this movement to the designers was a greater amplitude in the possibilities. It is on the basis of earlier rules and movements that we find the foundations of deconstructivism. The entire vision that mimics fashion focuses on changing the functionality of clothing. A constant search that tries to break away from any stereotype.


Constantly questioning the individual parts and their functionality. In fashion, deconstructivism has helped to create a revolution in all traditional design. With an absolute freedom to carry any part of the body. Another interesting aspect is the new value for used parts. One can say that this has something with ecological influence. Focus on new functionality while still useful.

moderner frischer jugendlicher Effekt

In essence, all deconstructionist fashion questions the established use that exists for every garment. In the long run, other options will be explored and exploited. With the use of used clothes, the creation of unique items is inevitable. All these ideas prove once again that fashion is not just banal. Especially when it comes to a concept that is revived by breaking up and creating something new.

einfacher Effekt

It was only to all the conventionalism or conservative visions that at the time opposed characters like Yohji Yamamoto or Issey Miyake himself. An important point was the creation of a personal vision. Take the functionality and the body as the main theme. Daily with a survey of the Western vision of body aesthetics.

Moderne Effekte Dekonstruktionsideen

Each of his collections is proof of this and in every respect very direct in this regard. For the sustainable work of these figures, other personalities of Martin Margiela or Dries Van Notten were added. In both cases, they continue to work on this concept with much research. Just an investigation that makes it possible to know the practices of every moment in the fashion world.

Experimentieren verschiedene Farben modern

That way, you’d have better foundations to do something new and with a different functionality. They regard deconstruction in fashion as a real dialogue process. In his works is a concept that is also represented in some designs that have no defined shape. even at the level of silhouettes that were already known in the aesthetics of catwalks. Many times in a radical way to bring the model into the background.

interessanter Kontrast-Rot-Effekt

The result was the emergence of something new. Always with regard to forms with an exquisite interest in aesthetic matter. Best of all, they were part of this whole research and creation process. With a dose of constant questioning. For many, deconstructivism in fashion is just the anti-fashion. In practice, however, it is a trend fueled by established values ​​and styles. At the same time it participates in a confrontation of these values.

Issey Miyake spezielle Parade

An example of the development of this tendency are the Kawakubo . With a rather austere and also descontracturado style. Especially in the eighties, the colors of his designs were based on gray or black. The edges with plenty of threads and half finished. The drapery with these properties is common in the materials. Everything in a constant creation of fashion and art.

böhmischen Stil Dekonstruktivismus Colorado

Mode Jeans Shirt verschiedene Farben Stil

Modekleider breites schwarzes Hosenhemd

moderne Art und Weise männliche Variante



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