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Fashion trends modern man for the autumn / winter 2018/2018

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In our article today we will talk about fashion man and trends for the fall winter 2018 2018. Fashion is, so to speak, a changeable and unstable business.

But with the constant emergence of new and new models, getting into fashion for both your bank account and wardrobe can be difficult. It is a difficult task to always be up to date with the latest collections.

Trend man trends for the next season

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Fortunately, we can see this season that some of the most notable trends will be extended from 2018 to 2018. That’s why we can renew our designs from last year for a unique style. Today we will try to comment on all the trends and our possibilities of what we already have to combine with what is going on today.

Mode Mann-Design-Modern-2018-Stil-Stadt

Retro sportswear

It is impossible not to realize that nostalgia has become a pop culture phenomenon in recent years. This revival of the styles of yesteryear is reflected in the collections of many brands that benefit from the renewed obsession for all Old School.

Mode Mann-Kleidung-Sport-Retro

The designs were inspired in the 80’s last year, but this year things continue and you can see designs from the 70’s. This does not mean you have to renovate your closet again, as there are many pieces and colors that were fashionable in the two seasons.

Mode Männer-Kleidung-Sport-Retro-Marken

The key is to include in your wardrobe at least a two-piece tracksuit, zip-up nylon sweater and lace pants, with orange-brown stripes, in luxurious fabrics with great attention to detail.

Mode Männer-Kleidung-Sport-Retro-Marken-Stil

Fashion Man Ideas for Casual Style

Mode Mann-Kleidung-Sport-Retro-Original

Formal clothing ideas

Another trend is the costumes. The costumes have been an indispensable part of men’s clothing for centuries. This season, the tartan remains one of the most surprising trends that became fashionable again in autumn 2018.

Modetrends moderner Mann für den Herbst / Winter 2018/2018

Although a plaid shirt or blazer will always be a good investment, this year designers will apply this kind of pressure to everything from knitwear and T-shirts to pants and jackets. Even better, if what you have is kept in a shade of gray or a neutral color, stay modern.

Mode Mann moderne Trends für Herbst / Winter 2018/2018 1

Although the colors have begun very subtly and become more daring, as have men who have become safer to dress like that. In the costumes, the trend of a classic is not gone, but the best you can do is choose something bold in navy blue or brown, as these are the most common costume colors you’ll see in 2018, do not be surprised if you it’s also in 2018, the colors are brighter.

Fashion man ideas for the most elegant

Modetrends moderner Mann für den Herbst / Winter 2018/2018 2

Neutral colored clothes

Neutrals were used by men and women to nail other livelier pieces. 2018 was the year in which we learned to use the most subtle tones. This means that your wardrobe should already be fully equipped with the parts you need for this 2018 key look.


It’s not just about keeping the same old suits, we have to make layers and combinations of different neutral tones. There are many options and new style tricks, such as a polo shirt and loose pants.


During this gloomy winter, you need to apply dark colors to jackets or clothing and use a palette of lighter sand colors on pants and shirts.

Fashion man ideas of original color combinations


If you want to relax and get away from the neutrals, then the combination of different shades of brown is an ideal eye-catcher. Everyone should have gray or brown pants in their closet. One of the best things about gray pants is that they give you the opportunity to experiment with the color of your shoes. The combination of fabrics is another very important thing. Today’s tailoring is not what it used to be.


In the past year, tailored suits have arrived at the random, slow, but safe distance of the monochrome image. So, if you like the idea of ​​the weakest image, but have more than one casual style touch, you can only mark the formality by changing the shirt to a round neck T-shirt and try the combination of pants and blazers in colors like brown, white and beige. Limit the tonal focus to two elements, but keep a piece out of the neutral spectrum.


Wide pants are hot this season. For the past few seasons, the cuts and the widest shapes, whether in coats, sweatshirts or pants, have been in great demand, working well in every style and becoming mainstream. The most relaxed style of dressing, chosen by brands and retailers, is still modern. After the boom of super tight jeans, this trend is like a breath of fresh air.

A design by Giorgio Armani¹


Although the look is slow, if you have such pants from last year, you’re in luck because the shape will stay modern this season. The easiest way to get into the world of wider pants is with denim.


No need for the wider pants that you can start with a straight leg is a good first step. Try a dark color or black jeans in combination with wedge boots, which are still trendy. A wiser and wiser idea is to use something with weight as a mixture of wool.


Over the years, it seems that the trends in menswear are becoming bolder. For the 2018 trends, original elements are included to make the men more elegant and adventurous.


We anticipate the trends that we present in this article about the fashion man who may not be faint-hearted, but will serve to separate what was fashionable and what’s fashionable today.

1 Giorgio Armani

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