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French Braid Hairstyles for 2018

There are different types of braids that tend to provide a unique look. Braids are perfect to improve your updo, ponytail or bun hairstyle. They are designed for any occasion, so you can wear it on casual days as well as on formal occasions. The tendency to wear braids is growing day by day. Luckily, the braids look great on every hair length, including short, medium and long. Today we discuss hairstyles hairstyles for 2018 , read on to get your style. French Braid Updo

In fact, braids are the best solution for balls, wedding parties and other important life events. Take a look at these triple French braids that run around your head. We strongly recommend loosening the braids to make them look thicker. Once you’ve paired the updo with statement earrings, your look is complete. You can be inspired by this model. Faux Hawk French updo

The best way to fake the brave Mohawk is to style your hair in a pompadour style and make the sides super smooth. Here is an example of a False Hawk, which involves a loose French braid on the back and small braids on the sides. But that’s not all, ultra-feminine pastel color is handy to soften the style. Bring out your inner courageous lady by embracing this beautiful style. Double French braid

A single French braid is cool, but two are better. The double braids are applied around the head and form a fascinating headband, which also framed her face. However, the braids are gathered together and twisted in a small messy knot on the back of the head. If you want to make your updo even more flattering, you should remove some updo hairstyles. Faux French Waterfall Braid for Short Hair

This waterfall braid perfectly mimics French braid, though it is not a French braid. However, it was mastered perfectly, so no one will guess whether it’s a French or not. As far as you can see, the braid is woven in a waterfall technique and looks so short on short hair that those who always thought it impossible to achieve fancy braids on short hair should take a look at this model. Wrapped updo

Well, the following design looks a bit complicated, but it’s just amazing for both occasional and formal events. The French braid runs around the head and offers a chic Halo Braid style. You can make the braid messy by teasing it for added texture and movement. Thin-hair owners should definitely experiment with the style.

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