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Hair color trends 2018: granny hair

How do we usually picture a woman with gray hair? This is probably an elegant old lady strolling slowly through the park. They destroy habitual foundations and try to create new original pictures. Modern girls today increasingly choose noble silver hair. It introduces Hair Color Trends 2018 and received a special name Granny Hair.

Let’s discuss all the nuances in our “Hair Color Trends 2018: Granny Hair” article.

2018 Hair Trends: How to get silver hair

Get the expected result from the first time at home is almost impossible. Qualitative procedures can only be carried out by specialists.

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Women with originally gray hair should be exception. Silver hair became perfect for 2018 hair trends for her. But really, remember that gray is different from fashionable granny hair. You only need good toner to achieve shine and noble color.

Light curls have the least impact and thus the least damage. They become silvery without bleaching or with minimal. Dark hair should be bleached before than tinted in the necessary shade.

Granny Hair: Silver hair color choice

It is not enough to choose shades of gray that you like to get spectacular extravagant hair color. Ideal result should be achieved by harmonious combination of color, age and color type of woman. The older a woman, the brighter the color should be. Gray hair looks best on cold color types, though 2018 hair trends make it possible to choose shades for every woman.

ash Blonde

Ashen Blonde should be an excellent option for women with very light hair. Shade “Ash blond” – an excellent option for women with very light hair. Not only will you tighten your hair, it will also remove unwanted yellowing. It is suitable for girls with fair skin and gray or blue eyes.

light gray

Light gray tone is more reminiscent of natural light blonde shades. It mixes with blond, blond and silver tones. It is an ideal option for gray-eyed women.

Deep gray

Very similar to natural gray hair, this color differs only in greater uniformity and noble Glanzpräsenz. This option looks perfect for girls with very light skin and saturated natural eye color.

dark gray

Dark gray shadow on dark blond hair. Color is suitable for almost every woman. A combination of gray paint and individual strands, painted in different colors, is the most important thing today.


Ash-Gray Shade is Head of 2018 Hair Trends! Modern technologies allow you to create not only classic but also 3D options.

Hopefully our article “Hair Color Trends 2018: Grandma” should make you admire the mystical color!

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