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Hair trends 2018: hedgehog haircut

Some haircuts in 2018 came from the past but enriched with modern daring. Hedgehog haircut could definitely be called such hair trends 2018. It got a bit longer and looked extremely. And of course, sweeter guys!

Let’s discuss one of the most stylish boy hairstyles in our “Hair Trends 2018: Hedgehog Haircut”.

Guys haircuts: Who is Hedgehog haircut for?

The first condition for choosing this style should be the preference of your child. Do not force him, just give him freedom of choice.

Haircuts 2018 should suit their owner’s lifestyle. Hedgehog haircut belongs to sports haircuts group. It would be perfect for all active kids.

Some hair characteristics should be required for such children’s haircuts. Let us list it.

  • Straight hair.
  • Not too soft hair.
  • Combination of right face and haircut.

Square and rectangular faces look best with this haircut. Although guys haircuts choice would be individual. If stylist does not recommend your child classic hedgehog haircut, add longer strands of hair where necessary.

Kids Haircuts: Hedgehog Haircut Styling Options

  • Classic hedgehog haircut styling should only be done with washing and drying.
  • Did your child ask about Mohawk? If you do not feel ready for such bold children’s haircuts, propose him hedgehog haircut imitation Mohawk styling Indtead. It looks modern and very cute. Lift straight hair at the temples and in the middle with styling gel. You (or your child) can style such a false Mohawk as you want!

  • Haircuts 2018 should transform easily. It is especially important for boy haircuts. Straight hair completely when needed for official events.

  • Guys haircuts look so cute with full hair! You have to try to feel that size.

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  • Haircuts 2018 should look extra modern with pony. Lift or brush for different looks.

We hope that our “Hair Trends 2018: Hedgehog Haircut” article should make your child stylish and happy!

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