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Hair Trends 2018: Pixie Haircuts

Pixie became fashionable in the distant year of 1953, when Audrey Hepburn appeared on screens in “Roman holidays”. Since then it became the favorite haircut of the rebels. Pixie haircuts bring some recklessness and enthusiasm to your image. Such a simple haircut can turn you from a modest Puritan into a real rocker, even if your hair is short.

Haircuts 2018 , based on Pixie, provide ways to get every picture you need.

Let us find your makeover with our article « Hair Trends 2018 : Pixie Haircuts ».

Haircuts for Women : Who Should Choose Pixie Haircuts?

Pixie-based haircuts for women should be great for big facial features. Pixie accents face! Pixie emphasizes swollen lips, expressive eyes and focuses all attention on the area above the neck.

Haircuts 2018 has changed classic options with nice modifications. Long gob with a short bang should be the best choice for oval or round face, making it more delicate and elegant.

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But radical changes through short haircuts are not always suitable for a clumsy face.

We recommend that you pull your hair up and look in the mirror. If you want results, make sure you go to the professional master and ask for your ideal pixie!

Haircuts 2018 : Different lengths Pixie

Classic short haircuts based on Pixie can easily be styled with foam or gel, no hair dryer or “ironing”. These hairstyles for women look rather feminine, though they definitely contain happy youth notes.

Medium Pixie option developed as a modification of modern stylists. You should be able to give hair stylish shape length. Multilayer haircut gives the hair volume.

Hair Trends 2018 : Pixie with fringes

Pixie haircuts with long pony become pretty feminine and dynamic. Choose a variant with a one-sided bang, easily change the image by shaping long strands differently. Long pony makes short haircuts particularly elegant. Use them or add shaved temples to keep hair trends 2018 with asymmetry too


Sophisticated, romantic natures often prefer pixie with short bangs. It refreshes and opens the face, making it even younger. Be sure to choose haircuts for women with rounded faces.

Pixie Bob, like two fashionable haircuts 2018 Synthesis, is extra current. Thanks to volume on the crown, it visually shortens the long nose. Hair should not be cut too short, pony also remains.

Hopefully our article ” Hair trends 2018 : Pixie haircuts ” inspired you to show off your facial beauty with stunning pixies!

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