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Haircut for Women 2018: Hair Trends of Catwalks

Which Haircut to Wear for Women 2018 ? Maybe this question will not worry you so much after reading our article. Designers took care of women, making hair cuts variable, fitting every face shape, feminine and democratic. In addition, they offer effective and easy styling options. This will save your time in 2018 hair trends.

The common impression makes the suspension appear minimal, but we will see many surprises … At first glance, the simple styling achieves the main goal – to fully discover the beauty of your hair! Cutting styling accents, “sculptures” in the face, cut to win-win with competent selected color – all together!

It sounds interesting, right? Read our “Haircut for Women 2018: Hair Trends of Catwalks” article to know everything!

Haircut for Women 2018: New Bob

The most popular hairstyle for women 2018 that we see on fashion shows is Bob. Do you think it’s boring? 2018 hair trends bring efficient transformations to bear! Follow your face type recommendations, our tips and of course your heart!

  • Short and very short Bob came back! Some of the latest haircuts are those from the 20th century when they were emancipatory signs. So, you’re welcome to do it the same way, creating a stunning retro look.
  • But thanks to the cutting you now have more possibilities for texturing and look extra modern! Look at these wonderful Bobs from Off White and Alexander Wang!

  • Short cuts are not recommended for your curly hair … forget it! Not in 2018 hair trends! The latest haircuts give back the beauty of the curly texture – and the straight haired women copy their natural beauty with admiration and present (almost) the same sophisticated curly bob as you!

  • 2018 hair trends include various bob options with a clear straight edge. Jill Stuart’s show was eyed by a wave of waves designed in a beautiful ombre style: off-white’s geometric bob style with a clear pony and fiery color.

  • Bob haircut for women 2018 enriched with great pony variety, like most other cuts as well. Read a little about it.

2018 Hair Trends: Amazing Pony!

The haircut for the woman 2018 follows the main goal – to be your best decoration and accent for your beauty. Well, we will not say: Right, these ponies are fashionable! Hair frame face, plays with the light falling on it. Above all, pony plays an important role. So you have the freedom of choice that suits your face at most!

Let’s first list some competent selection criteria.

  • Pups are the easiest way to hide wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Long, side or graphic pony extends the round face. Avoid too much suspension.
  • Avoid long, thick bangs or microbes for the oval face.
  • Microbangs look bad on long oval. All other options work.
  • Wide chin works harmoniously with a very long one-sided pony. This option is gaining popularity among latest haircuts.
  • Avoid straight bangs if you have prominent cheekbones. This aristocratic facial feature is accented by itself, so pay attention to other facial features.
  • The easiest ways to find your pony – experiment with faux pony from your own hair or artificial hair strand. Option that you liked more, especially if it makes the accent on eyes the best!

In addition to frequent hair cuts without bangs, catwalks full of different originals run with it. If you know the main rules, you can choose between 2018 hair trends.

  • Long side pony seems the most desired. No wonder, they look especially stylish and make the face look fresh!
  • We see every hairstyle for women 2018 looks so feminine! It particularly concerns short cuts. Looking at them carefully, we have found their secret: Creative feathered, long side swept pony! Second important component: They are styled without unnecessary volume, so that it also makes the woman look younger.
  • Thick pony is also fashionable. But there is a nuance – it is best to combine different degrees of pony thickness.

  • Massive fashion for baby pony will ease off slightly. But they usually remain in beautiful metamorphosis for those they suit – richly feathered and styled.
  • Curly pony repeats rich texture of the entire hair length. Stylists advise with light fixation products with gloss effect. This will leave wind in your hair, save hairstyle and emphasize texture beauty.
  • Absolutely straight bangs often go lower than eyebrows, sometimes partially feathered. Good option for an elongated face!

Latest haircuts: medium and long length

Haircut for Women 2018 can be crazy or incredibly romantic! And it can even get magical power of transformation in both conditions! Latest haircuts and hairstyle compositions with maximum use of accessories. We will tell you about it in the next article.

  • Surprise! Rebellious shag and mullet are coming back! Now they are even bolder, with pointed ends and interspersed geometric elements. Modern staining methods will further emphasize the spirit of freedom in you!

  • Get ready to rock! Add an asymmetric long skein to your Shag cut, decorate the mullet with an unexpectedly thin braid or dreadlock. Do not forget cool hair piercing and bright colors.
  • Long hair often stays single-layered.
  • 2018 Hair trends have an interesting tendency for layered long haircuts: the top layer stays calm for a long time. It helps to avoid excessive volume and bowl on head.

  • Regardless of the length too much feathery lower strata to the past. The shown styling on such cuts lasts for a very short time. Even at low humidity thin strands curl chaotically and “jump” upwards. Haircut for women 2018 should look quite good without styling after modern fashion conception!
  • All layers should be accentuated! Texturize them by styling or help stylists help and accentuate the color scheme.
  • Asymmetric long hair remains trendy, but bumps should not be so noticeable. Although more diagonal cut lines will not make you look boring at all!

Hopefully our article “Haircut for Women 2018: Hair Trends of Catwalks” has given you the best ideas for a ravishing makeover!

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