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Haircuts for Men 2018: French Harvest

Perfectly selected hairstyle is not only an opportunity to change boring image, but also a great way of painless correction of refractive errors. 2018 hair trends simplify men’s short haircuts choice, bringing the timeliness to French harvest. It is suitable for all face types, makes your look masculine and stylish. Let’s read about it in our article “Hairstyles for Men 2018: French Harvest “.

Masters often pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Hair structure;
  • Face oval;
  • Head shape.

Men’s short haircuts: French harvest for all!

French Harvest is among the 2018 haircuts that fit modern man lifestyle . It suits both the sporty and the business look, does not need much time to style. 2018 hair trends modified French crop in extra stylish haircut!

Classic French Harvest is a short haircut that looks like the helmet of an old warrior. Fully shaved temples and neck contrast with slightly elongated tip.

Less aggressive French harvesting option, characterized by smoother lines. The hair edge runs through the back of the head. Longer strands, up to 8 cm, are allowed on the crown of the head.

2018 hair trends make it possible to experiment with hair edges down to asymmetry. The lower edge line should visually align the temporal cavities. In men with severe temporal narrowing, the trailing edge should be below the back of the head. To convex neck needs border directly below. Surely you will like those , check also and .

Short haircuts for men based on French fruits should be best for thin hair and have many styling options without losing volume.

Haircuts for Men 2018: French Harvest Modern Modifications

If too short hair seems boring, we recommend putting a larger cap on the head. Such haircuts in 2018 gained popularity among young people.

We recommend original hair trends for teenagers or brave men for 2018 to achieve a unique image and turn the men’s short haircuts into works of art. Hair tattoos on the back of the head or on the sides fascinate, involuntarily attract the eye.

Even the worst haircut becomes extraordinary when you decorate temples or ponies properly. Haircuts for men 2018 including geometric figures with a clear edge create common hairstyles interesting modifications.

Keep in mind that these decorative elements often need to be adjusted so they do not lose their shape.

Hopefully our article “Haircuts for men 2018: French crop” should be useful for you. COOL HAIRCUTS works for you! Wait for our new interesting stuff about the best hairstyles 2018 !

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