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Hairstyles 2018: New hair trends and tendencies for fashionistas

Hairstyles 2018 are prone to democracy, comfort and individuality. New hair trends help women transform from day to day. And that does not require complicated long-term styling. Negligence, sometimes thoughtful, will only give your good taste. 2018 hairstyles for women include retro, ethnic, ultra-modern models. They evolved to make everyone beautiful and self-confident. Hairstyles 2018 emphasize your face’s benefits, hair color, work with accessories. They work for the whole picture.

Be in the trend! Read our article «Hairstyles 2018: New Hair Trends».

Hairstyles 2018: Textures

Looking at the fashion scene, we have selected the main trends of hairstyles 2018. First, we noticed the variety of textures. Let us discuss it.

  • Textures being considered become the latest hair trends. Wavy hair combined with straight, smoothed with careless zones. Such texturing results in an interesting play of light and shadow.

  • The same trend comes in 2018 hairstyles for women with wet-look transformation. Now it is not used completely or for roots, but partly for some accented stripes. Strips can be straight or wavy. It combines with dry hair.
  • Too voluminous hairstyles on naturally straight hair remain in the past. On most shows we see 2018 hairstyles for women with absolutely straight hair at roots.

  • Carelessness “like in the morning” becomes a trend! It is very democratic, rebellious and romantic.
  • New hair trends glorify individuality in the broader sense. They should not only be harmonious with your inner world, but also with external factors. It means styling should be done with emphasis on natural hair texture. Smoothness of straight hair accents by sprays with glossy effect, and curly hair is given complete freedom and volume.
  • Curled elements remain unchanged. Set accents with it. Small crimp texture graces finely.

2018 hairstyles for women: To lose or not to lose?

Hairstyles 2018 do not need an answer! You can combine both wonderful!

  • Bun + Ponytail looks too cute to go unnoticed!

  • Ponytail with loose hair on the front remains on top. Just think of textures, you better do it differently.
  • New hair trends make rubber bands your best friends. Turn ponytails with them, call for accuracy (but still let them be careless).
  • Long hair is still popular, but in 2018 hairstyles for women loose option gives way to the complicated ponytail. For example, it is wrapped in little braids or “flowers” with bright flowers.
  • If you like previous option but have shorter hair, extensions are used.
  • Careless rolls stay halved. New hair trends repeat your school time hairstyles in more rebellion fashion.
  • Hairstyles 2018 will be functional! Styling that you have worn for sports or leisure travel, now suitable for work or party. Hairstyle wearing comfort has become very important in new hair trends.

  • Simple low ponytail on straight hair should still stay up. It is often combined with massive earrings.
  • Loose 2018 Hairstyles for women look really charming! Experiment with retro tricks and separations. We will tell you below.
  • Romantic hairstyles with soft big curls, which you have seen on classic paintings, come back! Combination with natural make-up and modern clothes makes for great effects!

New Hair Trends: Important Details

Hairstyles 2018 pay attention to details such as crown, bangs, strands, etc.

  • One can argue, which is the trendiest pony length. But the main thing that you can notice from the fashion scene – pops in 2018 hairstyles for women chosen to fit face. It is the reason for their variety on stage and always flawless appearance.

  • Although we often see hairstyles without pony on the catwalk. But remember – it should suit you!
  • If you like variety, any faux pony is allowed – from retro to asymmetric and punk! Believe in your imagination and taste!
  • New hair trends brought back unusual geometric farewells! Experiment and find out which ones look best for you. Find out how you want to emphasize your cool work! For example, shadow roots, glittering roots, etc.

  • Another fashionable option in 2018 hairstyles for women – Separating and concealing. These tricks will make you look awesome with both vintage and grunge hairstyles! Combine retro styling with wet effect for more shine and mystery. Antonio Marass show has brought such retro hairstyles, combined with asymmetrical eye makeup, into the spotlight. Grunge hairstyles allow to show their “carcass” – elastic bands and hairpins. It’s really brave modern women’s choice!

  • And a few words about style. One of the new hair trends – the same hair and clothing style is combined. For example, boho braids and tunic. Although, we know, opposites pull – box braids make explosive ensemble with suit!

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