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Hairstyles for Women: Layered Haircuts 2018

Hair Trends 2018 brought new interpretations to old hairstyles. Their biggest advantage is in different shapes that can easily be created with the same cut, so you can easily reach the most appropriate options. The most interesting hairstyles 2018 are based on several layers, also called Cascade. Let us know in our article «Hairstyles for Women: Layered Hairstyles 2018».

Hair Trends 2018: Medium Cascade Haircut

Cascade is ideal for thin hair owners. You can get trendy volumes that make hairstyles look incredible in 2018 without using aggressive styling techniques. Voluminous hairstyles for women miraculously change the look. The eyes appear brighter, the lips become more expressive, the angular facial features become softer and the whole face gets more feminine contours.

Volumes near roots and temples make the face visually rounder. Women with rounded faces should better avoid this. But Cascade hairstyle with torn or curly style outward tips looks great!

Hairstyles 2018: Cascade Haircut Styling

Hair Trends 2018 adapt to the modern pace of life. Strands trimmed with light layers can easily make surprisingly beautiful fantasy hairstyles with a small amount of fixer and hair dryer. Special nozzles help you to create volume of roots and stems even with warm air without damaging the hair structure.

Accessories should complete your look and give you romantic or rebellious charm. If you want to adjust hair trends easily in 2018, look for head scarves or bandanas.

Layered haircuts 2018 for long hair

The most bold and bright 2018 hairstyles are definitely based on accentuating multiple layers! New implementation techniques and forms differed significantly from similar versions of previous seasons.

Most relevant graduated hairstyles 2018 include asymmetrical contrasts (long hair / shaved temples), large careless waves, loose and slightly ruffled straight hair. Stylists recommend people, prefer classic haircuts or styling without extravagant additions, pay attention to traditional Cascade hairstyles for women laid on one side.

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