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Halloween Costumes Creative ideas for all ages

Halloween Kostüm Ideen Einhorn

Summer days are falling and other celebrations begin with the arrival of autumn. It can be said that it is also an interesting part of the year that retains its charm.

Both the change in the landscape and the different activities between friends and family. Today we will spend some time in one of these celebrations that you can not miss, Halloween. Especially some Halloween costumes ideas and designs that can be interesting and creative.

Halloween costumes Creative ideas


Contrary to what many people think, this is not a celebration born in the United States. Its origins are very old and go back to Ireland exactly when Erin was ruled by the Celts. In practice, Halloween corresponds to Samhain, the well-known Celtic New Year. The tradition then came to the United States thanks to emigrants.

Halloween Kostüme Ideen Paare

A common phenomenon caused by the famine that plagued these regions in the 18th century. As such, the word Halloween, as already mentioned, comes from the Irish. His form in this case is Hallow E’en. A shape that is the acronym of All Hallows Eve, in a meaning that could be translated as the night of all saints.

verschiedene Filme für Kostüme

Over time, tradition Halloween costumes ideas and everything to celebrate itself was rooted in the United States and Europe. Perhaps the most exciting is the choice of costume. Something that has become a real competition for creativity and creativity is style . Everyone wants to be the most personal and the most interesting of the night.

Halloween Kostüme Ideen Lösungen

When we talk about originality for Halloween costumes, ideas and designs with recycled elements are always interesting. It is also an environmentally friendly option that will be very economical. The case of a robot designed for children is an original idea that deviates from the traditional dark disguise. It can cover the whole body with several boxes made of cardboard or a box that has the right size depending on the child.

Varianten Kostüme Halloween Videospiel

The tape in silver tone must not be missing to complete some joints. Another perfect thing would be the foil, the perfect shell to give everyone in the case of the arms plastic. When we are at home, we also have some small electronic components that can be inserted into the suit.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY-Stil Halloween-Kostüm

Halloween costumes ideas and designs this type of insurance will enchant you. Another style that moves away from the traditional disguises of fear is that of the firefighter. His style can be built equally simple and without much effort. We can start with old trousers and a jacket, both in red.

Strahleneffekt auf Schatten

To the two pieces we have added tape and some strips of those with reflective effect. To complete the design of the firefighter, the typical helmet must not be missing. With something hat that is not used, is solved. Cut it out by giving it the usual shape of this type of hull used by firefighters. Gloves of all kinds will help us to adapt them to the theme of our disguise.


Some of those who work in the garden. In Halloween costumes, ideas and styles of firefighters can not miss the typical fire extinguisher. It is part of the fun of this design and can be made with a simple craftsmanship that we will also explain. It just takes a big bottle of about two liters.

Stile Charaktere Filme schwarz weiß

With a little red color, the detail of the color is completed in a few minutes. Halloween costume ideas and all styles for that date can not escape mummies. A disguise that immediately refers to this celebration and that can be adapted for adults and children.

halloween filme geschichten

With some stitching techniques, you can complete a truly stunning mummy costume. Advanced knowledge in this area is not required. What we would need would be bandages, a t-shirt, stockings and white powder. A pretty big white traveling T-shirt should be cut irregularly to create these kind of Halloween costume ideas and designs. With the above-mentioned gauze would be finished ribbons that identify the mummies.


In the shirt you can sew some sales in different ways. It also happens with the stockings and then you just have to worry about a make-up that suits our mummy style. The white powder is what we need to get that pale and ghostly image. Some bandages around the head would complete the make-up.

Ideen Lösungen Geschichten Geschichten

You only have to repair them with a pair of tweezers, which are usually used for hair. As we can see, these are simple materials that will give our disguise an incredible effect. The best of everything in an economical way and with excellent results. The world of cinema is full of good examples, which are also perfect for Halloween. One of them is the case of ET.

Peter Brot verschiedenen Schatten

A perfect idea for Halloween costumes ideas and designs when we do not have much time. We will save the complications of make-up, as we simply need a leaf. This sheet must always be provided with holes and in a few minutes we have a solution for our Halloween party.

modernes Kostüm des Popeye-Stils

Jason is equally famous in the movie world. The scary image of the tall man wearing a hockey mask may be perfect to give our costume a twist of fear. As an option, there is the variant of the small bag over the head. A detail that truly distinguished the character of Friday 13.

verschiedene Varianten Designs

To complete the style of the disguise, we have added a plaid shirt, boa and cowboy pants. Do not forget a piece of imitation like an ax to give character to your character. You can edit the disguise in the two known variants Jason with the mask of hockey or the one of the beginnings with the sack in the face.

kreative Varianten Halloween-Kostüme


Halloween Kostüm Kostüme Varianten

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