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Hippie Clothes – How to Revive the 70s Trend 2018

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The 70s are one of the most inspiring and proven decades when it comes to fashion, so it’s no surprise that the 70s continue to influence modern style.

Thanks to the capricious uniqueness of the times and the freedom of expression, the 70s and their style are something that both the fashion as hippie lovers are constantly attracted to.

Hippie clothing original ways to wear it in 2018


Subcultures are an irreplaceable source of fashion which offer some trends. One of the most popular and noteworthy is the trend of hippie fashion, which is famous for the subculture that shaped it, which was originally based on the idea of ​​a pacifist movement that demanded the equality of nations and demanded that the great powers of the world end the war together.


Now hippie fashion enjoys great popularity in the world of modern fashion. Therefore, we show you some basic fashion tips on how to wear hippie-style clothing in a creative and exceptionally fresh way.

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The yearning for freedom and equality of purpose led to the general principles of the organization of the hippie style, which implies the use of natural tones and tranquillizers, hippie clothing is comfortable.

Hippie clothing that never stops being a trend


One of the sources are ethnic clothing choices that are an integral part of the hippie style. The absolute exclusion of any kind of symbols and logos is another principle of these looks. The first special feature of the hippie clothes were the eye-catching colors of the garments.


The most feminine and appealing details were most successful thanks to patterns, transparencies, trimmed tops and even extravagant options such as Indian saris and cotton and silk sarongs.

Hippie-Stil-böhmische Kleidung-Frau-Optionen

Thanks to the hippie style, jeans became a trend in urban casual fashion. However, to avoid the shades of dark blue, they are decorated with a variety of embroidery, ribbons, torn designs and painted with colors.

Hippie clothes ideas for daring girls

Hippie-Stil-Boho-Design Kleidung

Accessories are the next important aspect of the hippie look, including a myriad of options, ranging from bracelets in different colors and designed, made of silver and leather, to feathered earrings, scarves, ribbons that sometimes come with prints and some floral decorations adorned.


Sunglasses in different colors, slippers, strappy sandals and spectacularly designed handbags. Hippie fashion is one of the trends that will never be forgotten. Some inspirations and specific details have been preserved in the fashion trends of many fashion giants. It is an irreplaceable, energetic and creative fashion, one of the garments most preferred by young people in different generations.


Today’s hippie designs were based on the generic silhouettes that prevailed in the sixties: mini skirt and pants suit, which changed in the middle of the decade when clothing was selected through the fabric and the way they were combined design ,

Clothing hippie designs from 2018


Folk motifs, style and fabrics were dynamic in hippie fashion. Modern skirts were again inspired by peasant clothes. The generally sloppy and messy construction of the 1960s became even more popular with the takeover of patterns and fabrics from the Middle East.


The preference of the hippies for the Indian clothing showed solidarity with their situation and an aesthetic appreciation. Another aspect of hippie fashion is the search for comfortable and useful designs. It was less conspicuous fashion and the superfluous decor did not exist, we are talking about the blue jeans worn with shirts, work shirts and other ordinary outfits.


The appeal was instead given by the outlined contours of these garments that cling to the body. So the adolescent counterculture proclaimed an appeal that could not be achieved simply by having money because it was not expensive clothing.


The hippies created an ecological awareness in fashion thanks to the recycling of vintage clothing as well as the reuse of old fabrics and curtains, from which they created new garments.


They drew attention to the way in which all the clothes were camouflaged for the people who carried them, such as lawyers, costumes, for them, people were so integrated into the conspiracy of society that they no longer like others were recognized.



The best answer is, do not try to carry too many things at once. For example, suppose you are wearing a very nicey maxi dress, you do not need more than a big vintage hat and go for jewelry. It’s not about combining and stacking jewels.


There are people who, in addition to the maxi dress with the hat, still have tons of jewelry, big sunglasses, a huge fur pocket and a furry vest, then it looks too much.


The key is to have noticed a garment the most and other details just have to complete it, after you elegantly do not want to look over the top. If your dress has an animal or floral print, then the focus in this case is enough to wear a hat of the wrong color or delicate ribbon.


If your dress is a natural color or off, let your thick rings or necklace make the statement and the one that stands out most. Most importantly, have fun preparing your outfit and the good feeling of wearing the clothes that you like.

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