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How to Make a Tie Knot – The 5 Most Popular Options

wie man einen Knoten binden kann

Most men wear a tie knot all their lives. You could say that it’s because we’re creatures that follow their habits, many of us are bored and just do not like experimenting and trying out new things.

Well, today we will invite you to change that and change the knot of your tie. Most men tie a tie knot simply because they do not have a lead Easy to show them why and how to experiment with different ways to tie a tie. Today we will answer the question of how to distinguish a tie knot from the usual one.

How to make a Windsor tie knot

Although the Duke of Windsor has never explicitly used the Windsor knot, this type of knot is very popular. The Windsor Knot was invented by the public to mimic the style of the ducal knot. There are several Windsor nodes, all of which have the same name. The Windsor provides a solid and symmetrical triangular knot that works best when the neck is long.

wie man einen Krawattenknoten knot-windsor macht

Wie man einen Krawattenknoten-Optionen-Windsor macht

How to make a four-in-hand tie knot

The Four-in-Hand takes its name from a club for men of the XIX century, who had the same name and was the master of the tie knot. Its popularity is due to its simplicity and versatility. It is easy to tie, slim, tapered, slightly asymmetrical and it automatically reverses. If you only learn one knot, it’s better that way.


7. Tighten the knot by pulling on the wide end. We push up the knot and adapt.

Wie man einen Krawattenknoten-Knoten-Vier-in-Hand macht

How to make a Windsor mid tie knot

The Half Windsor Knot or Half Windsor Knot is an extremely versatile knot. Contrary to what the name implies, the average Windsor knot is actually more than three-quarters the size of the Windsor knot. The Windsor medium is medium in size, almost symmetrical and, if done right, produces a deep and considerable dimple. It is best used with connections of a thickness in between.

Wie man einen Krawattenknoten-Optionen-Knoten-Semi-Windsor macht

8. Tighten the knot by pulling on the wide end. We push up the knot and adapt.

wie man einen Knoten-Optionen-Halbwindsor macht

How to make a Kelvin tie knot

The Kelvin knot is named after Lord Kelvin (William Thomson, 1824-1907), a mathematical physicist who linked the knots of bondage to atomic structure. The tie knot Kelvin is an interpretation of the simple knot. Like the simple knot, Kelvin is made with the tie turned upside down. This knot is similar in size to the four-in-hand, but slightly more angular.

Wie man einen Knotenknoten macht - Knoten-Kelvin

8. Pull the wide end down to tighten the knot. We push the knot up to adjust it.

wie man Knotenknoten-Optionen-Knoten-Kelvin-Ideen macht

How to make a tie knot half Van Wijk

The incredibly large and cylindrical knot Van Wijk was invented by the artist Lisa van Wijk to create the highest possible knot. The Van Wijk is a version of the double knot that adds a third bend to the wide end. With proper binding, this long, thin knot creates a distinctive and distinctive spiral effect.



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