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Kids fashion – main trends for 2018


Children’s fashion is today a completely independent industry of the fashion industry. None of the famous designers would miss the opportunity to launch a collection of style novelties for boys and girls of all ages to delight younger fashion lovers as well as teenagers.

neueste Trends-Mode-Kinder

And all of this is possible because the days when the parents dressed all the children in blue and the daughters in rose have just been forgotten.
By 2018, designers have created many beautiful outfits that harmoniously combine comfort, beauty and childlike charm, so that even the most demanding fashion parents will be satisfied with the almost infinite variety that is offered to them.


Parents will definitely like the novelties of 2018. Even one of the tendencies shown makes it possible for the whole family to create a look of common style that shows the world the closeness between the members of the family.

lässige Kindermode-Jungs

Let us see which trends in 2018 will dominate the fashion for boys and girls!

Trends in children’s fashion in 2018



In the departments for jackets, dresses, pants and sweaters for children, you will no longer find the prints designs of a purely childlike style of the past. Designers create garments that are exact copies of adult trends, and for those who love children’s fashion, the runways are dominated by steamed pistachio, blues and blues, deep shades of red, blue, and emerald green. , metallic shine, as well as leather and velvety texture.

According to the trend of the family look, the little ones have the opportunity to dress with the costumes that copy the favorite style of mom and dad. In the current collections you will find military-style clothing, rustic, glam rock and folk, retro, ethnic, sport-chic or casual and elegant;
Kindermode Frühling
But children’s fashion is characterized by the naturalness of the fabrics used – children’s clothing needs to provide warmth, feel comfortable and not restrict movement, so that designers around the world use cashmere, velvet, fabric denim and soft knits as absolute leaders in this field imposed on the industry.


In warm clothes, however, this rule should not be followed – trends in metallized fabrics in adults are also applied to children’s jackets.

The knitwear will continue to be up to date – on the catwalks you can see a large selection of pullovers and cardigans, which are combined with gauze skirts and dress pants. In winter, fashion, snudies and beanie hats dominate.

Kindermode Herbst-Winter

One of the main accents of the new fashion year: prints for adults. Clothing for children is decorated with bright floral motifs, colorful stripes, animals and polka dots.

Kindermode givenchy
Fashion in 2018 has some bright trends, so the most prominent trends should be considered separately and in more detail.


Trend No. 1: military style

The enthusiasm for the design of colors and military styles continues the military trend in the first positions. On the catwalks you can see trousers, raincoats, jackets and stylized parks as military clothing. It is quite natural that the features of this wardrobe are the colors of the olives and persimmon, camouflage colors, large patch pockets and metal buttons.

At the same time, the military style is ideal if you want to create a casual image for children and teenagers. However, children’s clothing should not be boring.


The designers have achieved this, even with some unusual military-style colors such as yellow, pink, green and blue, as well as glowing logos and application decoration in the form of characters from cartoons. You can see the best examples of this trend in Kenzo, Dsquared or Gucci.


Trend # 2: Velvet

The iridescent velvet textures are surprisingly harmonious in the field of baby clothing. It is worth noting that this texture will gain extraordinary popularity in 2018. Girlswear designers offer elegant velvet dresses. The colors in the children’s segment completely reflect the trend in adult fashion: velvet for girls is black, red, red, blue, emerald, old rose, caramel and gray.

Kindermode Samt
In this trend fall the velvet track suits (like Mom’s), exquisite lavender and sand colored jackets, skirts and shortened jackets. Children are invited to dress in velvet suits or to combine pants with soft cashmere sweaters. This style immediately sets the real dandy apart from the peer group. This trend is best seen in the collections of Fendi, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste.

Kindermode Denim

Trend # 3: Logos

Logomania gradually switched from adult wear to fashion for the youngest. And that’s not surprising, after all, children also want to dress elegantly and brightly and attract more attention than a large monogram, a colorful drawing or the logo of a well-known brand. A particular hobby of the designers is the use of large embroidery and applications in the style of the 80s and bright drawings in the style of Pop Art.

Kindermode Jungen
In children’s clothing you can see the logos of carbonated drinks, sports goods, cars, fashion houses and movie giants. There are also signs, exclamations, sweets, faces and smiles, emojis, etc. You can decorate everything: bags, rucksacks, jeans, skirts, jackets, coats and sweaters, say Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, Gucci, Monnalisa and L, EARTH.


Trend # 4: Floral print

The designers’ new collections feature a wealth of floral prints that include not only summer clothing, but also jackets, coats, hats, pants, skirts and stockings.


The innovation in 2018 is the use of large flowers, individual buds or plant patterns. The prints on the canvas are often similar to watercolors, children’s drawings or works of the Impressionists. In addition, the florist is represented with floral applications in 3D, large brooches and embroidery.

Kindermode Kleider
The designers They have not denied the desire to add a touch of chic to the fashion for children, so the flower print is often underlined by sequins and rhinestones.

trend-floral Kindermode

You can see the diversity of this trend in the collections of Sonia Rykiel Enfant, Dolce & Gabbana, Baby Dior. Other techniques that allow them to achieve maximum brightness, however, are often used in collections. Favorites include: tartan, colored stripes, cats and stylized dogs, cars, imperial crowns and Renaissance paintings.


Trend # 5: Denim in all its manifestations

The collections for kids are always full of jeans, so this trend can not be described as an amazing innovation. By 2018, however, Denim displace almost all competitors, with the exception of knitwear, which are also represented heavily in the US goals .

Sommermode für Kinder

Designers offer children to wear the latest jeans, skirt and jacket combinations, shorts, shorts and light blue denim shirts.

An important highlight in 2018 is the abundance of brilliant applications, patches, buttons and the widespread use of Scrappy technology. A must-have is the cowboy breastplate with stamps, embroidery or large logos. The breastplate can literally be combined with any type of clothing: Under the baggy and oversized breastplate, you can wear a plain shirt, a cashmere sweater or a hoodie. The brightest representatives of this trend are Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Chloe Childrenwear and Armani Junior.


Trend # 6: Leather jacket

The current glam rock was gradually from erotic fashion collections to children’s fashion collections, so that in fashion shows for boys and girls, a stylish leather jacket occupies a special place. The most up-to-date form for 2018 can be defined as a straight-cut jacket or classic jacket. Preference is given to soft-matt leather, leather and suede combinations as well as lacquered textures with a pronounced shine.

Kleidung für Kinder
In the collections of the new year, the most widely used decorative techniques are the adaptation of the skin and soft collars, large zippers, metal studs, with impressions in the form of flowers and stylized characters of comics. The colors of the leather jackets are very limited – blue, brown, dark green, black and red.


In the children’s and adult segments, leather jackets are needed to create a contrast – girls can wear black leather jackets with weightless chiffon dresses or a lace skirt and boys – with classic pants, a shirt and a tie. This trend is perfectly visualized in the collections of Iceberg, Chloe Childrenwear, Sonia Rykiel Enfant and Armani Junior.


Trend No. 7: knitted fabrics

Fashion designers always try to please the little dandies, who want to have not only nice clothes, but also comfortable ones. Children should be able to brag about something new first and then feel comfortable enough to jump, run, ride a swing and play with their friends.

Kindermode Mädchen

Therefore, the most important fabric for the year 2018 is the fabric, which adapts ideally to the body shape, does not restrict movements and is suitable for every season.

On the catwalks of the fashion industry are colorful striped sweaters with large applications in the form of fruit, vegetables and animals, cuddly sweaters and tunics, cardigans and jackets with buttons and zippers.
As followers of this fabric, they can be called by Rachini Mothercare, Caramel, Wild & Gorgeous, Monnalisa, Jakioo and Frugoletto. By the way, in the knitted products are welcome sweet colors and like soft blue, bright yellow, orange, light pink and intense greens.


Trend # 8: skins

The autumn-winter collections do not require fur outerwear, so designers from Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, Chloe children’s clothing, Sonia Rykiel Enfant and Armani Junior offer a variety of specially designed coats, vests and fur jackets. for the little fashion friend.

Kindermode Skins

At the peak of popularity are the natural colors like: chocolate, milk and sand, as well as intense shades of blue, green, red, pink and contrast prints in the form of spots of leopard and cheetah.


Trend No. 9: Bright materials

Designers working in children’s fashion can not escape the trend of shiny and metallic fabrics. Therefore, the new collections used a variety of materials with metallic sheen. A brilliant lemon-shade of gold blends harmoniously with the filigree styles of draped dresses and blouses, and a silvery tone adds a touch of real futurism to jackets, suits, suits and bibs.

Baby-Dior Kindermode
It seems that the children with these clothes are guests from the distant future, so that the bright and unusual looks look fantastic. However, this does not end the triumphal procession of metallic shine: children’s clothes look very cheerful today, because the dresses and skirts are decorated with shiny metal sequins, supplemented with gold and silver belts and are traversed by metallised threads
Mode für Mädchen
By the way, you do not have to restrict yourself with clothes. Even the simplest look can be revived with the help of bracelets, multilevel chains, sandals and gold or silver bags. The followers of this approach are Sonia Rykiel Enfant, Fendi, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and Baby Dior.


Trend No. 10 Family Look

This trend originated in the first half of the last century in the United States. At that time, the Great Depression began to diminish, so it was important for the United States Government to maintain the climate of unity and to remember the value of the family ties that contributed to the survival of the crisis.

Kindermode Stil-Casual

The gradual development of the family cult led to the emergence of the same dress fashion for mothers and daughters. Of course, it was not about design things: it was the mothers who sewed their daughters a dress using the same fabrics they used to make their own.

Kindermode Burberry
However, the designers could not miss such an elegant look. Ten years later, the first family collections were launched and the glowing covers of fashion magazines adorned with family photos.


Today, the idea of ​​family pictures was first adopted by celebrities, and then the ordinary dandies began to apply them to themselves and their children. In 2018, designers launched many collections for children and adults, combining them with harmonious color solutions, identical prints, logos and styles.

Kindermode Trends-Kinder
A family who chooses such an option for a trip to the zoo or a party gives the impression of a truly harmonious social unity. This trend is evident in democratic brands such as GAP or ZARA as well as in fashion houses such as Dior, Fendi and Valentino.


In 2018, Dolce & Gabbana is particularly noteworthy and draws attention with the presentation of its latest collection for families. On a catwalk, Stella Aminova and her daughters, and Amanda and Jason Harvey came to the podium with their babies in dresses of the same material, color, pattern and decoration.

Schule Kindermode

Prominent descendants who are becoming icons of fashion at a young age, from North West (the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Blue Ivy.

klassische Kinderkleidung

Famous children dictate children’s fashion to their peers, for example when Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born, Barneys sold the shirt he was wearing on the cover of People magazine.

Modetrends für Kinder
The trend of the classic look in children’s fashion, on the other hand, is booming through the photos featured in the media in which Prince George and Princess Charlotte were photographed with very traditional looks.
Finally, the current children’s fashion offers a wide variety of trends for every taste. As always with children, designers opt for comfortable and elegant cuts and natural materials with very little exceptions.


However, children’s fashion is no longer so different from adult fashion. In other words, there are no more reserved areas for children or adults only, provided that the limit of good taste is not exceeded.


Floral designs are one of the trends in children’s fashion.



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