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Kurzhaarfrisuren 2018: Beautiful ideas of world runways for you

Short hairstyles 2018, which adorn the collections of the best brands, prove: There are millions of ways to style your hair! And short length makes it even more interesting! We already have it over – it’s the job of professionals. But the styling remains the daily routine of many women, so some instructions should help you to look perfect.

In general, short hair 2018 tend to romance and femininity. The asymmetry and length of the various strands become a trend and give even more styling options. Most short hair ideas are based on originality, textures and accessories diversity. It’s the perfect year for you to experiment!

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Main trends in short hairstyles 2018

Which brands should lead to short hairstyles 2018 trends? Let’s list the most important short hair 2018 trends.

  • Dependence on image and appearance. The microbial boom of recent years has led to several unsuccessful attempts to get into the trend. It has been shown that hard tendencies are often doomed to failure in practice because they can not suit everyone. So, 2018 short hair ideas should be completely adjusted to really decorate your face and continue the whole picture.
  • Have no time? Try retro smooth hairstyles with lots of wet effect gel should save you! Such a styling is not reminiscent of the famous Twiggy look. In recent years, this elegant hairstyle was considered Business One. Now you are welcome to wear it with bright party or everyday outfit too.

  • Large Volume Absence Becomes Short Hair 2018 Though it still remains in Chanel’s retro-futuristic bobsleigh. So if you love 60 style and need to visually increase the hair density, volume use root. Avoid it with pony – it’s out of fashion.

Curly Short Hair 2018

  • Curly textures are being rethought globally. The beauty of these locomotives was already glorified in antiquity. Curl’s fashion is divided into a few big trends.
  • First big curly trend – Renaissance-style curls, also implemented in shorthair ideas. These are soft, big curls, as on epoch pictures. Such styling should look incredible with brightened brown, beautiful and coppery colors.

  • Natural curls, especially African ones’, beauty is more popular than in 80 th! Disco-like or free-falling wavy hair is hot, but here are new shorthair ideas that are booming! They are tight curls, styled and with different heights. By the way, the height changed abruptly – inspire with the great hairstyles of Tom Ford Show Models!

  • Gentle waves and a little carelessness make you look contemporary – and waste little time with styling!
  • Vary textures in short hairstyles 2018 – to set accents or get the shape you like.

Short Hairstyles 2018: Braids

Short Hairstyles 2018 also contain braided options. It’s especially comfortable for bobsled cutting, but others are not excluded. Their main secret lies in braiding techniques with new thin strands.

  • Cornrow’s lichen consists only of what we have described above! Maybe you need friends to help. Cornrow short hair ideas depend on your imagination and length (you only need small ones!). Put it on full head, sides or crown.

  • So-called dragon braids with similar technique. You will only share hair on parts – “rows”. Even a short bobcut is enough for you!
  • Make braided “headband” out of your own hair. It’s a stylish kind of naughty pony hiding. Not a bad day again!
  • Since short hairs 2018 often contain asymmetry, emphasize the beauty of your cuts with a thin braid from the longer part.

Short Hair 2018: Big Bang Theory!

Bangs occupy an important place in short hairstyles in 2018. Wear pony or not, again depends on your face shape. Choose what suits – every option is in fashion! Prefer those that you can easily turn into other shape and texture. But it is not necessary! Pony often give the whole hairstyle mood, take main accent.

  • Short hairstyles without a pony also stay trendy. It’s a good option if you have an oval face or want to make it longer visually. Strands with longer head lengths can be converted into faux pony if you wish.

  • The most practical are short hairstyles 2018 with long pony cheeks, which meet mostly on catwalks. Since 2018 haircuts contain different density combinations in the pony, you must use these nuances! You can vary textures with density changes or accentuate some thin strands by splitting them with gel. Side Pony perfectly correct face shape, so you better choose with stylist.

  • Totally naturally dried curly bangs will remind you Victorian era lady. Nude or emphasized Avangard makeup and modern clothes look very efficient in combination with such original hairstyle.

  • Microbangs can also be used for short hair 2018, mostly styled on one side. Feathered lace options are the trendiest.

  • Midsection Pony looks good with Bob. It makes face fresh and little childish, visually extends the forehead. Anyone can try it, except for two exceptions. It will not fit women with square face and stress attention on big nose too. If you have a round face, wear a long middle pony to the chin line. Shorter options make illusion of big cheeks.

Shorthair ideas: Magical accessories

Short hairstyles 2018 will become really rich and bright thanks to accessories. In addition to the aesthetic function, they practice the hairstyle of the hairstyle. Let’s learn to decorate short hair this year!

  • Head and ears should be protected from the cold. So late autumn and winter season require not only stylish, but also warming accessories! Use soft knitted headbands. You are welcome to combine headband with same colored gloves. Chanel turns you on such a small cosmic glam fest!
  • Bobby Pins should keep your hair “cheeky” and beautiful! Combine different colored, make shapes that you need.

  • Silky or silken bandanas can help with many shorthair ideas. Even a simple scarf creates a really interesting ensemble with your hair. Vary the fabric strip thickness and lose the length of the parts – the same scarf looks different. Leave all hair behind the scarf, release bangs or comb some tresses over fabric.
  • Greek tiaras and headbands climb to the top of the trends. Second popular topic for short hair 2018 – Fantasy. Specially made tiara can easily turn you into a beautiful mermaid or elf.

  • Gucci brought hippie short hairstyles 2018 popularity. You can make such lace or pearl accessories yourself. Do not forget the base of soft material under the beads! Another option – use three stripe stripes, perhaps floral patterned, with narrow colorway. Braid braided by them on special rubber band (not too tight!).

  • Large, tight-fitting jewelry should make you the star of any party! Such short hair ideas should also be useful for your wedding day!

Hopefully our article “Short Hairstyles 2018: Beautiful Ideas from the World Runways for You” has given a lot of inspiration and positive mood through style changes!

Kurzhaarfrisuren 2018: Schöne Ideen von Weltstartbahnen für Sie

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