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Ladies stylish plaid clothing, perfect for fall

grünes Hemd Damenbekleidung

Scottish plaid fabric is a type of fabric characterized by shapes and lines of different colors. It is very common in women’s clothing and various models for men.

It was made of wool in its origins, weaving the web in a simple twill that has two threads above and two below. This type of tissue is also called Tartan, its origin dates back to the eighteenth century.

Functional and elegant women’s clothing with plaid fabrics

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When it began to be used as a symbol of the Scottish clans. It was a kind of blazon whose use was exclusive and identified the most distinguished families. Obviously it was not meant for women’s clothing. First, the enemies and allies were stamped by the colors and the lines tied in ribbons tied to the caps.

Socken für Frauen

Later, they were used in kilts, the typical Scottish skirts. By the end of the nineteenth century, all recognized clans had their tartans as distinctive symbols. Many designers have been inspired by this fabric to make it a symbol of their collections. Burberry, a trademark for more than eighty years, has given its beige, red, black and white images its distinctive identity.

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Very noticeable in many types of women’s clothing. In the seventies, the hippie trend took on this fashion; in the 80s, the folk style took over the characterizing images. For his role in the 90’s, a pinch of brilliance in the provision of satin was given. Many other designers, such as the famous Alexander McQueen or Coco Chanel, have successfully used the tartan in their numerous parades.

Damenhosen Stiefel

In short, the Scottish tartan remains very present in fashion. As well as many other fabrics that are inspired by him. The tables reappear as one of the most modern trends in the fall this year. Let’s look at the different ways we can use these patterns.

spezielles Akzentkordelhemd

Most of us have a piece of clothing or picture accessories in our closet. Therefore, this fall will definitely receive a special attention. If Vichy images have indeed been used this summer, gingham will be the fashion for the colder season. With fabrics inspired by the classic Scottish pattern.

Women’s clothing with a youthful accent


Obviously in an urban style with oversized shirts, pantacoulotte or even mini skirts. Plus all kinds of shirts and styles. With the arrival of women’s suits, the tables are in the limelight. There is no better way to update your style for the office.


In the office many options for women’s clothing can be offered this year. They are pretty interesting and fashionable with these patterns. Shirts, blazers and dresses can be the best choice in the fall. A plaid coat can turn a boring outfit into a fashionable chic.

Herbstmode verschiedene Kombinationen

Choose an unexpected color to create a unique print. The trends for the autumn-winter 2018-2018 clearly speak for bold ideas. Have fun with your fashion selection and choose the type of images that best suit your personality. For example, an always soft dress is still the most feminine clothing in women’s clothing.

kleine helle Quadrate

For every occasion a checkered dress with its elegance will attract attention. The Blazer is undoubtedly always in fashion and we can keep it safe in our wardrobe. We will always have a moment to use it.

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They remain versatile in terms of the season that can be used. So they will always be an elegant choice. It can be used as a formal dress. Otherwise, combine it with jeans or wear it with a dress. Blazers are a perfect investment that will not be just for one season.


Another combination is shirts with jeans, pants or skirt. Everything will be to our taste. They can be used by people of all ages. Whether men or women can include it in their closet with pictures of all colors. Undoubtedly, the reds and shades of gray would be the most modern.


On cold days, nothing is more appropriate than a warm and soft scarf. The handmade scarves are very beautiful and feminine. You are always able to improve the overall appearance. Tartan wraps are hot in this fall-winter 2018-2018. All colors are available, even yellow and orange.

Idee weißes Huthemd

With a tartan plaid coat, you do not have to worry and you can go to work with it or go for a walk with friends. It is always up to date and above all very fashionable. Many stylists like Manolo Blahnik adapted their collections to the tartan trend.

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They even created plaid shoes, in the spirit of this colorful fashion. The combination of colors such as yellow, red, black and a touch of blue gives the result excellent results. A tartan kilt is an interesting idea and there are no better clothes than these now. It can be styled with current shoes.


Join him cashmere sweater to keep out the heat. It’s the way to dress this fall. An urban style will not go unnoticed. Another interesting combination can be a skirt, be it mini or regular and long plaid socks. Preferably the color that suits the skirt.

coole Kleidung im Herbststil

If the skirt is black you can wear red, green, yellow and even blue socks. Picture pants are back in fashion and can be worn at any time of the year. They can be combined with a warm pole for winter walks.


Just like a scarf that has the same pictures. A black or white shirt completes your modern look. While a luxurious velvet jacket and thick heels are ideal for the dance floor. Now we have some variants of women’s clothing ideal for fall.


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