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Long Cardigans – Fashion for the Fall Season 2018

lange Strickjacken

The cardigans knee-length or down to the ground are trend, with thick fabrics for a bohemian look, as well as fine fabrics, lace or even mesh.

The cardigans, printed on Aztec motifs, with belt, hooded, with pockets, … no matter what the design, long cardigans will wear this fall. They are probably the best stratification and style statement trick right now.

Long cardigans for this fall

Strickjacke Designs lang

The heat wave has given way to the cold days in which we strive to keep warm. Is there a better way to prepare for such a bipolar climate than having the right outerwear? Sweaters, cardigans and all kinds of knitwear were always good for the cooler seasons.

tolle lange Strickjacken

It’s time to stock up on long cardigans and leisurely cardigans to keep us warm during the cold months. Before you buy a cuddly jacket, take a look at this collection because we have selected some designs of cardigans and cardigans to take you from these fresh summer nights to the heart of fall .

schöne lange Strickjacken

While heavy long coats are a basic garment for people living in places with very low temperatures, in other parts of the world many people find solace in the breathable choice of a cardigan cut in this long and sometimes oversized silhouette.

Original lange Strickjacken

Today we decided to share the list of Long Cardigans and Long Cardigans we liked the most. The length of these cardigans extends to the knee and below. It consists of light and airy fabrics, so that the user does not have to suffer from moisture or cold.

Long cardigans and cardigans this fall

lange Strickjacke

Below is a list of elegant cardigans and cardigans that are sufficiently neutral in color and print to be easily integrated into your wardrobe

Long, classic cardigan design

blaue lange Strickjacke

How do you wear long cardigans and cardigans? There are 2 main types that can complement a long cardigan. Elegant, bohemian and cool; or chic and effortless.

lila lange Strickjacke

Cardigans and long cardigans look best on tight pants: skinny jeans or leggings and a tight top. Or they look great when the game gets out of control: mini skirts or dresses, shorts with sweaters, etc.

Original cardigan design with prints

Lange Strickjacke bedruckt

For a more relaxed weekend style, combine a long cardigan with jeans or trousers and sneakers. Wear a cap, hat, or cap to give you the nonconforming look, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Cream-colored cardigan for an informal or elegant look

lange beige Strickjacke

If you think jerseys are far from sophistication, think again. With a pair of stiletto heels, boots or booties, every long cardigan looks instantly stylish.

Great designs of long cardigans and cardigans

schwarze lange Strickjacke
Also, a long cardigan allows us to wear a garment that is too short but does not teach much.
lange Strickjacke
The moment you put on shorts, a cropped T-shirt with long sleeves, ankle boots, and the long cardigan at the top, you’ll look young, but with no more betrayal than you want. Well, unless you want it. Then the cardigan can be removed.

lange Strickjacke gelb

If you think a long cardigan will give you a grandma style, then grab a pair of high heels, jewels and red lips. If you feel like looking for something more casual, choose a hat, sneaker and a relaxed attitude.

Original long cardigans and cardigans for autumn 2018

Strickjacke lang grau

Combine neutral colors with darker garments and sunglasses or opt for bright yellow, red and blue accessories. Combine your cardigan with trousers or your current favorite outfit or jeans with snow-colored ankle boots.

Beige long cardigan for an informal style

informelle lange Strickjacke

Wear a sweater over a pencil skirt for work or with jeans in the night. They also go well with leather pants, or for a quilt style, and end with a knit scarf, which also provide a great contrast if you are looking for a thinner jacket.

Long cardigans and cardigans this fall

lange Spitzencardigan

We are sure that this trend will be present for some time, so do not hesitate and choose yours. There are long cardigans that are ideal to accompany evening or party costumes. A fine fabric or lace is best for these cases, but you can also opt for linen or satin for an amazing effect.

Lange, einfache Strickjacke
Combine your long jacket with shorts and cute white shoes for an effortless, cool look. Or cover yourself during party nights, if you wear a short dress; So leave a little for the imagination and let everyone impatiently see how the cardigan is removed.
weite Strickjacken

A cardigan or a long cardigan can also be used to minimize the extravagant and provocative effect of clothing. If you need to go home very elegantly and come up with the idea of ​​covering yourself with a long cardigan, we guarantee it will be a success.

Beautiful long beige sweater and beige

Cardigans und lange Cardigans

Look at this picture above. The style is marked by the accessories, do not you think? The matching hat and booties bring a casual and youthful character with an adventurous touch. The sleeveless cardigan model is very suitable for a simple and casual style, although we recommend wearing sleeveless cardigans with high heels or boots.

lange Strickjacken für diesen Herbst

For a more hipster style, combine your cardigan with a ripped pair of jeans. The effect is funny and youthful and perfect for the day. We hope you liked our article. If you want to know more trends, visit our website soon.

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