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Long Cardigans – Ideas for the Autumn 2018/2018

Gelbe Jacke

Today, we offer ideas on how to wear them to make you feel good and look good.

Knitted jackets offer many advantages at the same time: they are extremely comfortable, very warm and can be used in several situations and occasions.

rote Strickjacken

There are also very different styles: from the sporty over the classic to the modern style. There are even official and very elegant cardigans. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are very fashionable in this autumn-winter season 2018/2018.

grau-leichte Strickjacken

How to wear (not) knitted jackets

Although it is not a garment that is too capricious, some rules must be taken into account to get the most out of its good looks and comfort.

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What to wear and what not with cardigans

Knitted jackets are one of the things every woman has in her wardrobe. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and designs, but not all cardigans are the same.

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Some cardigans are better for specific body types and others are better for certain sets. It can be a bit confusing at times, but use the right cardigans for your body type and for your clothes it is important.

lange orange Jacke

Here are four different types of cardigans and what should not and should not be done if you use any:

graue Strickjacken

A short-cut or waist-high cardigan

Although this article is more about the long cardigans, I will open a clip and talk a little about the short jackets that have become fashionable over the last few years.

Cardigans of this length should not be worn with long shirts. In this case, the contrast in lengths is not favorable and creates a strange shape and proportion of your body.
Rote Jacke
However, you can wear them with tight dresses and bell style or high waist skirts. The hem of the jacket should not go more than a few inches over the waist of the dress or skirt, so remember to combine them.


Now to the other extreme: the extra large cardigan

Cardigans with very large Aztec motifs are very current this season, but they can be a bit difficult.

With all the volume adding a big sweater, DO NOT wear loose pants with it. Stay away from boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts. The width at the top and bottom will make it look WIDE.
weiße Jacke
Instead, wear your jeans narrower and clearer Keep your legs as thin as possible!


Cardigan – Coat

Warm cardigans have the same basic shape as some of the Aztecs I mentioned, but they are usually narrower and less voluminous.


However, they still have a longer length that must be considered when selecting the outfit.

dunkelgraue Jacke

Do not wear it with short skirts. Although not as voluminous as the Aztec jacket, its length creates strange proportions with shorter skirts.

Aztekische Jacke
Wear them instead with jeans or dark pants to extend your silhouette. This will make your figure thinner and avoid the exaggerated volume.


Boyfriend Cardigan

Wear them with jeans, knee length skirts or shorts. Actually, it will be good with just about anything if it has a slim body and harmonious proportions.

Strickjacke mit Knöpfen

The long cardigans

If you are not yet ready to accept the overall concept of winter, do it with gentleness, through the most practical fashion trend of autumn 2018: the long cardigan. In short lines, you become the owner of a knitwear or similar that looks like a sweater or a bohemian-looking jacket.

You can design your entire outfit around you, and the best part is that it’s made up of layers. This is your best friend anytime, but if the weather is unpredictable or you jump between extreme temperatures, your friend is for life (well, for a while, especially in fall or spring).
The long soft cardigan can be worn with a narrow belt or you can flirt with lace or mesh.


The long cardigans and their accessories

If you want to wear a thick woolen cardigan on cold days, you should choose a thicker belt. An alternative way is to leave the contrast down in the form of a miniskirt or shorts.

langbraune Jacke
Its long cardigan loves textures, edges, cables, and a faded finish, and will appreciate its hoods and pockets (especially those made of leather).


Give it a little serious with a faux fur collar! Stamps, prints, and stripes are abundant, though you would rather not copy Karl Larvalfeld, who was walking on the catwalk with a long striped cardigan, jersey, and ankle boots on the catwalk. Now you can combine with tight jeans or high heels shoes or boots.
The long cardigan can be replaced with a poncho, which is also very suitable for the cool autumn days.

grau-lange Jacke

Further good tips for the Longtip jacket

– Wear a long cardigan with a light summer dress to go to work in the fall.

gelbe Strickjacken
– The long cardigan can be worn under a denim or leather jacket to create a multi-layered outfit and get a casual look.
– Get a casual outfit everyday with a white shirt, jeans and a long cardigan

pink-aztekische Jacke

If you want to get a fancy picture, wear a long cardigan with tight black leather pants.


Long cardigans for men

When we talk about fashion, we often forget men deservedly. But speaking of cardigans, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they fit as well as women. In addition, men generally prefer comfort to elegance, but in this case, these two concepts are perfectly combined.


Here are some pictures of men’s cardigans, from which you can make an idea for your outfit every day.

This cardigan is visually divided into sleeves and waistcoat. The sleeves are the same color as the young man’s blouse, creating an interesting set of different textures.


Here we see a bold and extravagant design cardigan.


This classic design can almost always be used. It is suitable for both the office and for leisure in the fall.


Another unusual model, but quite modern and innovative.


The long wool sweater can perfectly replace the coat in autumn. Here we see an interesting model with gloves.

lange Jacke

When it comes to fashion, the bravest are always young people. Here is an example of how the cardigan earned its place in youth fashion.


Every generation has its own style. Young people today have a strong preference for casual style. Comfort, lightness and freedom of movement are of utmost importance.

schwarz-dot-lange Jacke

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